Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Launch Brazil Mentoring Programme

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Following successful Trader Mentoring Programmes held in Thailand, the Caribbean and South Africa in 2015, the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management have today announced their latest Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme, to be held in Brazil in April 2016.

The Institute’s Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme starting in Brazil is open to all Retail Traders globally, and includes full trader coaching on a weekly basis with Senior Trading Mentors Tristan Edwards and Jason Mcdonald. Managing Partner Anton Kreil will also be present in Brazil and will oversee the entire Programme.

Weekly coaching is done on a remote basis after the initial 10-day period of the Mentoring Programme which is to be held at a 5 Star location in Recife, Brazil.

During this initial 10-day period, Institute mentees will be expected to complete a hands-on programme directly with either Tristan Edwards or Jason Mcdonald and their peers. After the initial period of 10 days in Recife, Institute mentees return to their home countries to complete a Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme spent trading with real money in live Trading Accounts and communicating with Tristan Edwards and Jason Mcdonald directly, via screen sharing and Skype calls.

Participants of the programme trade with their own money and are backed with Institute capital, trading as a team with the rest of the individuals on the programme. This means participants obtain an individual track record, a team track record and a network of like-minded traders, globally.

Institute Mentoring Programmes are designed to teach Retail Traders, globally, how to implement the Institute’s professional-level Trading Education, the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series and the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series. The ultimate goal of the programmes is to help Retail traders achieve a level of success that is equivalent to that of a Professional Trading standard.

This achieves the two main objectives of Retail Traders which is to firstly learn, implement and emulate successful Professional Traders using real capital and also (if the objective requires) to take the first step to becoming hireable as a Professional Trader. Mentoring Programmes at the Institute with Tristan Edwards and Jason Mcdonald can become life-changing for those who decide to get involved.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Anton Kreil, Managing Partner of the Institute, made the following statement: “Learning how to trade financial markets successfully is a huge challenge for Retail Traders because finding genuinely experienced traders as Mentors is extremely rare. We have now refined this process very successfully and so far our international Mentoring Programmes have been a huge success for the participants involved. In 2015, we managed to transform multiple people who previously had little knowledge and experience in trading financial markets into competent and self-sustainable traders. Our new Three Month Trader Mentoring Programme starting in Brazil in April 2016 will do exactly the same.”

The Institute’s Three Month Global Trader Mentoring Programme with Senior Trading Mentors Tristan Edwards and Jason Mcdonald begins in Recife Brazil on April 5th 2016. Programmes are now exclusively reserved for eight participants every three months.

For a full breakdown of prices and the application process, traders are asked to apply via the following URL, by clicking here:

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