Diamonds to add sparkle to investors’ portfolio

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With the  launch of the “Monediam” in June 2013,  diamonds, a girl’s best friend, will no longer be just for jewelry. 

A whole new investment market will be created and diamonds will also become an investor’s best friend. Ounce for ounce, diamonds are the most valuable commodity on earth, and they are the most recession proof. 

The MoneDiam is a fungible diamond instrument that breaks new ground in the world of finance and investment. Each MoneDiam Unit encapsulates 10 polished diamonds in a secure credit card-sized card of standard weight and value. There will be sixteen units valued approximately between $6,000  and $540,000. The units will be standard and interchangeable much like gold bullion.

The forthcoming market launch of MoneDiam will mark a paradigm shift in the use of diamonds for investment purposes. The patented technology on which it is based provides a unique and reliable response to the challenges of standardization, security and pricing that hitherto prevented diamonds from serving as investment  assets. It is anticipated that the launch of MoneDiam will create a totally new market for polished diamonds with a scope and scale unparalleled in the history of the diamond trade.
Its attractive design, traceability and high ratio of value to weight will make MoneDiam a uniquely attractive instrument for investors wishing to take actual physical delivery of diamonds. Alternatively, investors can hold certificates for units held in safe storage at a globally recognized and secure custodial service location.

The high security liquid and tradable hard asset class will open a new market for international investors and the diamond producing industry alike. The patented technology and the unique design make it a quality investment for institutional investors as well as private owners as it is secure, tamper proof and the diamonds will be certified by GIA.

All the costs of research and development have been completed. The Monediam is now ready for production. MoneDiam’s management will raise funds through a private offering to finance production and sale of the first units. Thus presenting a great opportunity for early investors. It is anticipated that the sales of Monediam should reach the billion dollar mark within 12 months after its launch. The market for the Monediam is unlimited, with sales expected to double and triple annually. 

Preparation for the launch of MoneDiam units and trading platform are underway. It is expected that the first units will hit the market in June 2013.