Low-price AdBlue® throughout Europe from AS 24

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With AdBlue® prices in filling stations hitting around €2.00/litre from many outlets, particularly in the UK, when sold in 10L packs, hauliers throughout Europe should expect a better deal.  That deal is now available at AS 24 filling stations, with AdBlue® delivered at the pump, from little more than €0.31/litre in some countries.


Since the European regulation requiring a drastic reduction of NOx emissions from diesel engines was introduced in 2005, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines have been fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems that require the use of AdBlue® delivered from a separate tank, post combustion.  It is injected into the exhaust gases, mixing with them and removing harmful components.  It is not a discretionary product, it is an essential requirement in these modern engines, added at approximately 3-5% of the diesel consumption.

For hauliers AdBlue® represents a significant cost.  That’s why AS 24 has provided low-cost AdBlue® at the majority of its filling stations across Europe.  “AdBlue® is a significant step forward in the battle for improved air quality,” said Cédric Vigneau, AS 24 Managing Director for UK & Ireland. “However we recognise that this is a major cost for our customers and we want to make filling up with AdBlue® at our sites as simple and inexpensive as we can. This gives our customers an immediate benefit and will be good for the environment long term.”

AS 24 currently has 581 filling stations fitted with AdBlue® dispensing equipment, almost two-thirds of its entire network, in 27 countries.  As well as a market leading price, hauliers also benefit from simple administration with a single invoice for diesel, AdBlue® and oil purchases.