Major Breakthrough in Ammonia Control for Waste Water Treatment

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They say you can’t teach an “old dog new tricks” … but a small Bio Tech company in Dublin, Ireland is about to change all that with the introduction of Advanced/BIO HN.

New Natural Product Works Faster than “nitrifiers” in all operating conditions

BioIndustries Ltd. has developed an extraordinary new natural biological water treatment product that can reduce and control Ammonia levels without adding “nitrifiers” to reestablish lost nitrification. At the same time the product can improve overall plant performance and treatment stability.

This has major ramifications for those treatment facilities that struggle to constantly meet their Ammonia discharge consents.

Advanced/BIO HN continues to astound users as to its capabilities in test after test. It can not only reduce high levels of Ammonia in as little as 48 to 96 hours but also control them in a wide range of operating conditions which significantly reduces the lag time normally associated with reestablishing nitrifying populations.

Advanced/BIO HN has been developed with a new group of Class I microorganisms called “extremophiles” not previously commercially available.

They can operate in a very wide range of normal and hostile waste water conditions and have the ability to significantly improve the biological action of other bacteria operating within the processes.

The result of more than 3 years of intensive manufacturing development, Bio-Industries Ltd. started field testing of Advanced/BIO HN in mid-2014 and immediately realized that the product was superior to just adding nitrifying bacteria due to its novel method of removing Ammonia without having to wait for nitrification.

So now Waste water treatment managers no longer have to buy costly and unstable nitrifying bacteria and wait to re-establish lost Nitrification.

Advanced/BIO HN is a very cost effective Ultra Concentrate and used neat. 1 Litre treats up to 1,500 cubic meters’ of aeration capacity.

Bio-Industries Ltd. is so confident that Advanced/BIO HN will work in most applications that it is offering Free Trial Samples to prospective Customers if they contact the company at or call Mr. Ken Richardson at 00 353 (1) 294 1025.