HSL Mobile Launch Secure Enterprise IM/SMS Messaging Service

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HSL Mobile, a leading provider of mobile communication services, is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of IM/SMS, a messaging service that combines instant messaging (IM) with SMS to give enterprises the most secure and far reaching messaging application for effective team communication. 

With mobile instant messaging through applications and SMS rapidly growing, and according to Juniper Research being expected to triple by 2016, it became clear to HSL that instant messaging would be ideal to add to their predominantly SMS portfolio. Coming first to iOS devices in September, followed by Android and Blackberry mobile devices and Windows, the IM/SMS application allows instant messaging between team members using the IM/SMS messaging service.

Mark Hay, CEO and CTO of HSL Mobile, says, “HSL Mobile’s new IM/SMS service brings even more security, responsiveness, reliability and availability to messaging for enterprises in an enterprise class application. While the consumer space has had a number of messaging applications available for some time, the enterprise space has lagged behind until now.”

In Gartner’s 2013 CIO Survey, respondents ranked mobile and collaboration technologies within their top five priorities. However, Gartner suggest 60% of all mobile instant messaging users will exchange enterprise information without adequate security through 2014. HSL Mobile’s IM/SMS is intended to meet the needs of enterprises around the world and enable teams to securely communicate whether they are based in the office or mobile.

End-to-end security using strong encryption and long-term archiving of messages for regulatory compliance and oversight are some of the capabilities of the application and service. This is critical for large enterprises as they transfer sensitive information that must be safe from security breaches and they must be able to provide evidence of communications between team members for regulatory purposes as well as providing a log for themselves.

Instant messaging offers great benefits to enterprises as they can communicate instantly with one another allowing them to converse freely without any time delays. For enterprises with offices and staff around the world, this provides an ideal channel for successful team communications which creates tangible benefits such as efficiencies and improved processes.

By combining instant messaging with SMS ensures that messages always reach recipients even when they are not using the IM/SMS application. Mobile phones are more likely than not to be switched on, ensuring peace of mind that important business messages have been received.

HSL Mobile deliver innovative global mobile communication services which enterprises can rely on, with SMS remaining one of their core mobile activities. Founded in 1999, their global customer portfolio was kick-started by BAA, closely followed by DHL, both of which continue to use and develop their services with HSL Mobile.

HSL Mobile recognise that in order to achieve the high degree of excellence in everything they do, capability and professionalism must be at the core of all activities. This is demonstrated through the company’s technical expertise and infrastructure as well as through the service delivered by their team.

By listening to their customers and the industry as a whole, HSL Mobile are able to introduce new cutting-edge services to the enterprise market. Enterprises can select from a range of mobile communication services to help enhance their communications.

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