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The little boy who touched hearts nationwide with his survival fight after being born with hardly any brain is now taking his first career steps. Plucky three year old Noah Wall has become brand ambassador to Cumbrian company Artificial Grass Limited, which built him a special artificial grass garden to play in.


Noah and family before DIY SOS handover with DIY SOS Nick Knowles

It’s a remarkable next step for the adorable toddler who also suffers from spina bifida and was not expected to survive birth. Parents Rob and Shelly Wall from Abbeytown, Cumbria reached an agreement with the company after seeing how playing in his garden had helped Noah’s recovery.

“We are delighted that Noah has been chosen as a brand ambassador. It’s clear he’s a great asset for companies to show how their products can help children.

“And he is building a future for himself from an early age, which is a positive message to all children, not just the physically challenged,” says Shelly.

Noah was born with just 2% normal brain tissue and has been blogged about and featured in national newspapers since before his birth.

His family also appeared on BBC show DIY SOS The Big Build, as they set about building a safe home environment for Noah,3, whose spina bifida means he will sadly never walk.

A call went out for trades and suppliers to help and as Cumbria neighbours AGL was delighted to donate an artificial lawn from its residential Lifestyle range.  Since then the luxury, super soft turf surface has encouraged Noah to safely achieve a number of firsts, to the delight of his family.

“The feel and sound of the grass is a good sensory experience for Noah. Around the edge of the grass is a border filled with lavender which Noah loves to smell and there is a water feature he loves to listen to,” adds Rob.

“He can move around on the grass in his Zip Zac wheelchair and can shuffle along on his bottom. Even after a recent operation on his legs he still wants to be outside with his casts on rolling around on the lawn. All children need a garden and this one is perfect.”

AGL managing director Phil Nicholls commented; “We are proud to announce Noah as our new brand ambassador! He’s a little hero to millions and will help us showcase our ranges of family friendly grass as a safe, clean, easy maintenance, all-weather surface for all kids”.

In return AGL has agreed to back Noah and his family in his various campaigns for awareness of health issues for physically challenged kids and their parents. Sister company SIS Pitches, which builds synthetic and hybrid grass pitches for some of the world’s biggest sports clubs including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man United will also join Noah’s fight.

Adds his father Rob, “Noah loves his garden. It was where he performed his own version of a cart wheel when he copied his big sister, a first for Noah.”

Noah can even stand on the grass hugging a tree in the special leg braces his family had to fight the NHS to provide. And he had his first teddy bears picnic on the specially installed turf, where an amazing den was temporarily made on the plush, low maintenance surface.

“Noah recently took part in a photo shoot, which was held in the garden on the grass. He loves his water feature, which was installed in the centre of the lawn; even when it snowed Noah was outside making a snowman and creating a snow angel on the grass.

“We as his parents have no doubt that this fantastic product along with many others kindly donated have helped Noah’s long term development; with this grass there is no mud, no weeds and it dries out very quickly even after a massive downpour.

“There is no maintenance really and it still looks fantastic even after everything we have thrown at it, we would definitely recommend this product to anyone considering moving away from natural grass,” says Rob.

The family have simultaneously tied up a deal to become global ambassador for Zipzac, the small wheelchair he uses to scoot around, which is produced by an American company and there are negotiations underway with three more companies. Noah also represents the Music Man project charity.

Noah has made astonishing medical progress since birth and become a global media phenomenon, with regular appearances in international and national newspapers and TV news. His latest medical news astounded doctors, when a scan revealed he had miraculously regenerated almost 80% of his brain.

It is now thought that severe fluid build-up during pregnancy had compressed the tot’s brain into a tiny band in his skull, but acted like ‘memory foam’ when it was released, allowing the tissue to slowly expand since birth.

Noah’s social media presence attracts millions of followers worldwide.

You can find out more about his life and campaigning through; #hugsfornoah and:

Artificial Grass Ltd manufactures, designs, installs and maintains deluxe artificial grass surfaces for homes, public spaces, schools and offers a range of associated products. It is based in Maryport, Cumbria.

SIS Pitches manufactures, installs and maintains both natural and synthetic sports surfaces. Based in Maryport, Cumbria, they operate throughout the world with bases in Ireland, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Angola.