Sophie Paris Achieved 2 Awards: Best Innovation in Marketing, Best in Social Marketing

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Sophie Paris Indonesia, the biggest fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia, achieved 2 (two) awards in The Best Innovation in Marketing and The Best in Social Marketing.

The awards were given in Marketing Award 2014 event held in Jakarta.

The category The Best Innovation in Marketing is achieved by Sophie Paris for several product innovations (multifunctional bag, thematic catalogue, endorsement) and for collaborating with many celebrities.

The latest is collaboration with Ariel “Noah” (musician) which has successfully launched Ariel Impulse Eau de Parfum.

The Best in Social Marketing Award is achieved by Sophie Paris for the success of “Rise Up Your Spirit for the Country” (Julang Tinggi Semangatmu Untuk Negeri) campaign at the end of last year.

The activity involved more than 10.000 people and succeeded to collect 1 billion rupiah fund which was then donated to a Learning House fostered by Helena Foundation.

Pic: (right) Vice President Cosmetics, Ingga Gloriana, and Event & Promotion Manager, Deasy Rahayu receiving the award in Jakarta, Wednesday evening. [photo by Yudha/CorpcommSPI]