Les Lumières du Temps launch a new range of Luxury Hand Poured Candles and Diffusers

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Hand poured by French Artisans using the finest natural products including perfumes sourced from Grasse…

LumieresUK by The Little Dove Company have launched a range of hand poured scented candles, reed diffusers and diffuser refills, all benefiting from natural products and perfumes sourced from Grasse, the home of the French Perfume Industry. The candles are made using Vegetable Wax and Cotton Wicks and a new 3 wick Luxe version is now available.

The new 3 wick Luxe range holds 660g of Vegetable Wax, will burn for approximately 60 hours and is available in a choice of three scents.

For those that aren’t sure, here is a little bit more about the art of burning Les Lumières du Temps candles.

Before lighting  :

Ensure the wick(s) are a maximum height of 0.5cm this will ensure there is no smoke and ensure candle longevity.

Make sure that there is no match, wick or any other residue on the surface or in the wax.

Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface (no glass or wood) and away from any flammable material. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

If you want to light several candles at the same time, be sure to place them at a distance of 7 cm apart to avoid the candles over-heating.

For candles with several wicks, systematically light all the wicks to allow the candle to burn evenly over the entire surface.

During burning  :

Be sure to let your candle burn for a minimum of about 1 hour ensuring the surface is completely liquid, this will avoid the formation of a well.

Avoid burning the candle in a draft, this may cause the wax to burn unevenly. Never let the candle burn for more than 3 hours at any one time during the first 2 thirds and 2 hours for the last third.

Never burn the last cm of wax, this will prevent the flame from over heating the glass and avoid the risk of damaging the surface that the candle is on.

After burning  :

In order to preserve the ambient scent and avoid smoke, immerse the wick of the candle in the wax for a few seconds to extinguish it or use a snuffer.

Reposition the wick (s) in their place before the wax solidifies. Wait until the surface is solid again before moving the candle.

Remove any charcoal from the wick and ensure there are no deposits in the wax.

How to remove the wax from the glass  :

The container may be reused for non-food purposes.

Pour very hot water into it, after a few hours, you can remove the solidified wax from the surface of the water. Remove the wick with a wooden spatula. Put the container in your dishwasher.

Available at carefully chosen independent retailers or direct from www.lumieresuk.com