Sophie Paris Prepare Hundreds of Boutiques to Meet the Needs of 2.8 Million Members

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PTSophie Paris Indonesia, the biggest fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia, innovates by establishing a standardized store which can be regarded as the second home of Sophie Paris’s members and consumers, called Maison de Sophie (MDS). Maison de Sophie is afully equipped boutique designed in French nuance with a simple and elegant spatial concept.


Maison de Sophie is designed to provide convenience to consumers and members of Sophie Paris in shopping and doing other inspiring activities such as training in fashion and beauty, as well as home living product demo. Maison de Sophie will also be the standard Sophie Paris boutiques throughout Indonesia and other countries in which Sophie Paris is located including Vietnam, the Philippines, Morocco, and Malaysia.

Maison de Sophie has becoming real because the achievements of the Sophie Paris’s Business Centre (BC). With the standardized boutique, the BCs that have successfully established Maison de Sophie with Sophie Paris hopes to provide optimum service to members and consumers, as well as to further improve their performance in running the business.


“I hope that it can help the economy and the surrounding communities with the establishment of Maison de Sophie in Cirebon,” said BC Emi Syriac at the opening of Maison de Sophie in Cirebon, West Java. “Maison de Sophie is a motivation and inspiration for Sophie Paris’s members to realize the dream and move forward in developing its business,” said BC Sari Suryani at the opening of Maison de Sophie in her area, Karawang, West Java.


“Maison de Sophie is a shopping facility to the Members that we have built together with Sophie Paris’s Business Center or members who excel. Currently we already have 50 MDS in all major cities in Indonesia and will reach at least 400 MDS in 2018. The more MDS established, the closer we are to realize the vision Delivers Happiness, by bringing happiness and the opportunity to have a better life for the community,” said Mr. Bruno Hasson, Founder & CEO of Sophie Paris.


For nearly 20 years of establishment, Sophie Paris now already has 2.8 million members and 400 business coordinator called Business Center (BC) in Indonesia. Rapid development is certainly triggers Sophie Paris to provide the best service for its members and customers. MDS establishment is a strategic step in maintaining Sophie Paris’s position as the biggest fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia, as well as in strengthening Sophie Paris’s steps in 4 branch countries: Philippines (established in 2002); Morocco (established in 2008); Vietnam (established in 2010); Malaysia (established in 2011).


PT. SOPHIE PARIS INDONESIA is a leading fashion and beauty network-marketing company in Indonesia since 1995, founded by Bruno Hasson (CEO & Founder Sophie Paris). With the leadership of Bruno Hasson, Sophie Paris Indonesia has received several prestigious awards such as;

  1. Indonesia’s Most Favorite Youth Brand (Marketeers Award 2010-2013 )
  2. Top Brand 2010-2014
  3. Digital Marketing Award dan Marketing Award 2012
  4. Top 250 Indonesia Original Brands
  5. Word of Mouth Marketing, Most #1 Recommended Brand 2012 

Sophie Paris’s product collection consisting of bags, garment, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, perfume, body care, and slimming products for men and women. Sophie Paris currently has expanded its business in four countries, namely the Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam, and Malaysia.