Combined Knowledge Launches SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product

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Combined Knowledge, one of the World’s leading SharePoint Training Providers has launched a new SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product, which provides organizations with the ability to support their end users following the deployment of SharePoint 2010.

Our SharePoint End User Adoption Product provides companies with a global training and central support solution enabling users to have access to Over 1000 SharePoint Support actions for 2007 or 2010, Just in Time Training, Task Based Support, Task Based Training, User Support Training, User Support System, SharePoint Helpdesk, End User Helpdesk, Online Support Modules, Online Training Materials, Virtual Training, ‘Show me’ Topics, Over 360 ‘How to’ Videos, and Quick Reference ‘Step by Step’ Guides.

The solution can also be extended to support users of Office 2007 or 2010 and Windows 7, along with additional applications such as Lync and OneNote providing users with a central support on demand solution.

This web based product is easily deployed and also provides organizations with the ability to customize and enhance the content to suit their own environments and corporate branding.

Combined Knowledge
, Headquartered in the UK, has been specialising in the development and delivery of SharePoint Training, Education and Adoption since 2001.

Combined Knowledge’s key aim in developing the business was to not only offer training classes but to provide organisations with a solution for their SharePoint deployment, from the product installation through to development, customisation and then ensuring successful user adoption.

Combined Knowledge extended their deliverables beyond the extensive training portfolio of classes offered to also incorporate The End User Adoption Solution Product as we understood that for a SharePoint implementation to be successful, the organisations user community had to understand and adopt the product.