Startup Advice From ANIL UZUN

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ANIL UZUN gives advice to young entrepreneurs on how to grow their business.


ANIL UZUN starts his words with “Wherever I go, there are a bunch of new startup owners, just like me in my early years, asking for advice or wanting to speak with me for a few minutes to pitch their ventures.” 


“When I look back at the early years of my entrepreneurship I see that I had followed my passion but my main motive was to commit. I wanted to share my values with the world, contribute to others, and help the world be better. But if you want to be a startup owner, you have to be vulnerable and think entirely for yourself in the beginning. Once you have your company in your hands you can start the cooperation” he adds.  


ANIL UZUN continues. “My objective was to light a way for other investors to care about, to be interested in the success of others as much as they care for themselves. I want other startup ventures to be successful and contribute to the world.” 


“My first and foremost advice to entrepreneurs is do not listen to others. People will try to defer you, ridicule your opinion but if those comments are not an input, do not contribute to you along the  way. Do not listen to them.” 


He says, “My second advice for the people who own a startup is to find mentors. My friends are my mentors. They are the ones that I learn most from. I pick friends that have a atry and their own experiences would be lessons for me to learn from. My friends listen to me, value my opinion and contribute to my journey, we lift ourselves up. So find yourselves valuable friends ato mentor you.” 


ANIL UZUN points out. “My other advice for new/first-time entrepreneurs is to focus all of their energy on the product/market fit. They need to have a product that will sell. The product must fit into the market very quickly to sell continuously. Once you have the right product your company will thrive and you’ll have the capacity to create the culture and network you want. When you invest right, the market will adapt to your product, the market climate changes a lot and the market shall follow your product not the other way around.”  


“Once you have your product in the market, you need to step away and become the owner of your company. You can start paying a lot of attention to the rest of the company. But be patient. A lot of startups fail because the product owners let go of their product and appoints other company workers to manage it. If you let go too early, you may fail.” he adds.  


“My last advice is a book. It is called High Output Management by Andy Grove. It’s a legendary book in Silicon Valley. The book is very easy to read. You can read it in one day. After I have read the book I started to think of everything as a process. It is a chapter in the book. Everything is a process. Hiring someone to your company or making lunch. Think of everything as a model of production the book says. Once you understand the elements of production you will get the results you want.” he says.