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The latest T-shirt issue from T-post is a collaboration with the legendary New York based brand Alife.

Through an interesting discussion between Tony Arcabascio (one of the original founders of Alife and the writer/creative director of T-post) and Treis Hill (who’s running Alife today) we’re not only getting the inside story on how the transition from the old to the new Alife (http://www.alifenewyork.com) took place, but also a deeper understanding to why Alife is still to this day (15 years later) by many referred to as one of the greatest lifestyle brands of all time.

See and read this issue, here.

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Basically, T-post is a magazine printed on a T-shirt. It’s a brand literally influenced by what’s happening around us, combining street and pop culture stories with the best canvas ever invented, the graphic T-shirt. To keep the exclusivity of T-post, all T-shirts are made in a limited edition and released only through subscriptions and in a handful of carefully selected retail stores like: Colette – Paris, ALIFE – New York and Caliroots – Stockholm.

Website: http://www.tpostmag.com

T-post was founded back in 2004 in the northern part of Sweden. They started out by giving five T-shirts to their friends. From there, the word began to spread and the rest, as they say, is history.

This year T-post celebrates it’s 10th anniversary and has become a well respected brand on the streetwear scene, collaborating with some of the greatest brands in the world and getting reviews like; “Reinventing the magazine” by The Wall Street Journal, “Awesome” by TIME Magazine and “The world’s most secret magazine” by People Magazine.

Today T-post is sending their issues to subscribers in over 50 countries.

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