BLS enables convergent campaigns driven by a unidied view of a subscriber

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Business Logic Systems (BLS) has launched a new Data Management capability designed to provide a holistic view of the subscriber as an individual in order to overcome the challenges Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face when it comes to delivering ‘convergence campaigns’.

Today, Marketers are increasingly tasked with delivering insight-led subscriber campaigns to improve incremental revenue growth across their portfolio of communications services. However, achieving a single view of ‘total consumption’ across the converged service spectrum for an individual subscriber has remained a challenge for many CSPs. Until now…

BLS has launched InTelestageTM Knowledge Base Plus – a specialist data transformation, data staging, and aggregation tool that enables Marketers to deliver sophisticated contextual cross-sell and up-sell campaigns.

Tim Yates, CEO at BLS describes what this means for CSPs:
“The desire to understand and manage each subscriber as an ‘individual’ across their portfolio of services means that ‘convergence’ is high on the Strategic Growth Agenda for many Communications Service Providers. Now, at a fraction of the cost and time involved in implementing a Converged IN Platform, CSPs can reap the benefit of having a unified view of their subscribers.”

Traditionally, ‘convergence’ Campaign Management required aggregating point solutions across the BSS layer delivering Converged Billing and Converged Customer Relationship Management and/or Data Warehouse. Now, so long as Marketing Departments have a business process in place to collect the right data, CSPs can use Knowledge Base Plus to link usage, behavioural, and demographic data across all communications services to which a customer subscribes. Shaun Orpen, CMO at BLS explains: “

Knowledge Base Plus enables Marketing Departments to achieve a single view of each subscriber and configure complex cross-sell and up-sell campaigns to maximise Customer Lifetime Value. The value of cross and up-sell revenue has in many cases been measured at a higher level than the value of churn reduction, so the opportunity to deliver incremental revenue uplift from convergent campaigns is really significant for many CSPs. The fact that CSPs can now achieve this without implementing a major, costly, and time consuming data infrastructural programme means that they could start capitalising on these big opportunities today.”

Adrian Radulescu, BLS’ CTSO shares the thinking behind Knowledge Base Plus:
“Our technical team is continuously working to find new and innovative ways to use technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of insight-led automated campaigns. Knowledge Base Plus is an example of what we do best – using our Technical Prestige to support forensic data driven marketing that gives our customers the edge.”

For the detail on how Knowledge Base Plus enables more convergent campaigning, visit:

Since 1998, Business Logic Systems ( has been at the forefront of communications technology, delivering intelligent Data Management Technologies, Campaign & Loyalty Management Solutions, and Marketing Consultancy. The company’s world-class team of communications technology specialists has developed the most technically adept Campaign & Loyalty Management solutions on the market. Specifically designed to give Communications Service Providers a marketing edge, InTelestage™ enables marketers to build highly profitable relationships with customers by unlocking the value of real-time behavioural data across one or more converged communications services.

Business Logic Systems is an international organisation head-quartered in the UK.

Fast to deploy, InTelestageTM ( consolidates millions of customer data records in real-time (and near realtime), enabling marketers to deliver contextual offers, automate two-way campaigns, and automate reward provisioning. Business Logic Systems’ ongoing research and development coupled with extensive experience in the industry guarantees scalable solutions that work alongside customers’ IT infrastructure to increase the value of their existing IT investments. Using InTelestageTM, CSPs can deliver on the promise of the converged offering, whilst driving down the total cost of marketing.