Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool (IAT) to assess industrial parks’ energy potential

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The “Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool” (IAT) is a new tool destined to maximize energy savings and guarantee the competitiveness of companies located in industrial parks.




It will assist industrial Park Managers and companies in executing an initial self-assessment of the industrial park and in identifying unexploited energy cooperation potentials. The IAT is now available online on the S-PARCS community e-Platform, under this link:


A tool developed in the framework of the H2020 S-PARCS project


Coordinated by the Energieinstitut at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (AT), the S-PARCS project envisions and tests new models of sustainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks to reduce energy costs and energy consumption while increasing renewable on-site energy production.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no 785134.


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S-PARCS community and Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool (IAT)


The IAT is implemented as an online tool as part of the S-PARCS community e-Platform ( It is a decision-making tool, which will help parks and companies to detect which energy cooperation solutions and mutualised energy services are the most suitable for the park, which barriers need to be overcome to their implementation and instruments as well as business models that will help to implement the energy solutions/services. In addition the IAT offers a feasibility analysis for each of the solutions (from organisational, legal and regulatory, social, financial and economic, environmental, and technical factors).


According to Dr Andrea Kollmann, Project Manager in the Department of Energy Economics of the Energieinstitut at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, “A first step to favoring energy cooperation in industrial parks is to provide Industrial park managers and companies in these parks with the site-specific potentials for energy cooperation and mutualised services. The evaluation by the IAT can then trigger the most appropriate implementation process, that S-PARCS provides guidance for.”


The S-PARCS community e-Platform has been conceived to create a community of interest within the industrial sector to transfer all the information related to energy cooperation and mutualised services between companies within industrial parks. Guides, support and technical material, will serve as support, meeting point and coverage for the S-PARCS community which will encourage and engage parks and companies to participate.


The S-PARCS platform includes a meeting point called “S-PARCS community” where parks, once they have chosen their solutions within the S-PARCS IAT, can search for external support of different types (legal, technical, financial) to help them with its implementation or networking with other parks.