Lavazza launches the new LB 4712 espresso machine

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Lavazza’s latest innovation in the world of espresso based beverage technology, the LB 4712, offers the perfect blend of convenience and high quality to satisfy all professional preparation needs.

The LB 4712 features a high power automatic milk frother, two brewing group heads, an additional steam wand, and a hot water dispenser. Versatile, attractive, and compact, it is perfect for high volumes (up to 4 drinks at a time) and multiple types/blends of drinks such as single or double espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and many more.

The LB 4712 works exclusively with Lavazza’s BLUE single serve capsules. The BLUE system is operator-friendly and hassle-free alternative to traditional and super automatic espresso machines that are often expensive, cumbersome, costly to service, and inconsistent in performance. The quality afforded by a Lavazza BLUE capsule is unparalleled cup after cup, with no coffee waste. The BLUE system is reliable, the coffee always fresh in the capsule, and very little training is required for the staff to operate the entire system efficiently.

Restaurant & food service chains such as The Palms & Atlanta Bread have already adopted the Lavazza BLUE system and are advocates of the quality of coffee they produce as well as their ease of use.

Lavazza, founded in Turin, Italy, in 1895, has been family-owned and managed since its inception. Today, Lavazza is Italy’s favorite coffee, one of the leading brands in Europe, the sixth largest roaster in the world and a global provider of espresso, coffee and single-serve systems for the Home and Out-of-Home markets. Its North-American HQs are based in New York City.