New iPhone app – Digital Reward Chart for children Nice Bear Naughty Bear app encourages good behaviour and social skills, particularly useful at Christmas time

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Easy to use app for iPhones helps parents teach, encourage and reward children’s good behaviour and manners through 16 beautifully illustrated bears representing good and bad behaviour with a simple catchy rhyme making learning a fun and positive experience.

Suitable for children from 3 to 8 years old, the incentive of gaining points for rewards, just as on paper based charts, is compelling but more interactive on an iPhone as children can hear the rhymes in an additional aid to learning. Being told ‘It really is an ugly pose, to stick your fingers up your nose’ by Nose-picker Bear takes the nagging away from the parent and children are more likely to pay attention.

Parents simply create a profile for their children, choose the bear’s behaviour they wish to encourage or discourage and set the reward from the reward shop on the app, or set their own. You can create and print out personalised reward charts, stickers and certificates to reinforce the messaging. Children can see instant results – whether a ‘ting’ for good or a ‘buzz’ for bad behaviour.

Fully interactive, parents can create their own bear and particular behaviour patterns they want to address such as eating vegetables, trying something new to eat or brushing teeth. The bears take on the identity of the behaviour whether good or bad so by rewarding the positive the child can quickly learn that good conduct makes a smiley Mummy and Daddy and a happier life and family environment. Parents can set the rewards for each child, depending on what best motivates them – maybe collecting enough points to stay up ½ an hour later, choosing supper or going out for a treat. Points could also be given a monetary value for older children.

Sarah-Jane ‘My 2 children love this, it gives them the comfort of behavioural boundaries and they are anxious to identify with the Nice Bears. When straying into Rude Bear behaviour they take notice far more quickly because it is less confrontational – as Rude Bear told Ruby, aged 3, after I caught her poking her tongue out at a friend ‘There’s no excuse for being rude – Just because you’re in a mood’!

Working parents can help influence their Childs’ social skills by choosing behaviour patterns and rewards they want to either encourage or discourage in consultation with their au pair, nanny or child carer who can share the reward chart on Facebook, Twitter or email. Parents working away from home can be fully involved in their child’s early development on a daily basis by reviewing the chart and giving positive feedback.

With Christmas just a few weeks away, and parents already wondering how to contain their child’s excitement this interactive reward chart will help both children and parents to understand and promote acceptable conduct. Thank You Bear and Sharing bear can be used to encourage whilst Greedy Bear and Moaning Bear may help children understand patience at this time of year.

The Nice Bear Naughty Bear app helps manage the challenges of early behaviour and gives working mothers the opportunity to be involved at all times in a fun way. Good manners and social skills are formed early on in a child’s life, and are the bedrock of a happy and contented life.

The Nice Bear Naughty Bear digital reward chart was written and illustrated by the same team who created the very successful Nice Bear Naughty Bear series of card games and books.

The concept was devised by Avril Lethbridge and head teacher Mary Ann Mackenzie, in consultation with parents and teachers. The Nice Bear Naughty Bear book was ‘book of the week’ in the Daily Mail’s You Magazine, Please Bear’s Birthday book explains manners at a birthday party. More books, games and toys are planned.

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