Protector UTM Appliance and Portable Penetrator now available as VMware images

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Leading IT security firm SecPoint has made two of its most popular hardware products available for download as VMware images, offering unparalleled protection at minimal cost.

The Danish company’s Protector Unified Threat Management VMware software provides the best Anti Spam and Anti Virus Web Filtering available, utilising Bitdefender Kaspersky ClamAV, Web Filter and Web Proxy, Anti Phishing, Content Filter and Intrusion Prevention. It is completely user-friendly, and simple to install.

It allows IT managers to secure their entire network with a full Microsoft Active Directory AD, Linux LDAP Support for Anti Spam users and Web Filtering users and simple synchronization.

The Protector is installed in front of a network and protects the whole system from Spam & Phishing attacks, with the latest award-winning Anti Spam Technology, including the a customised SpamAssasin engine, stopping viruses in their tracks with supported Anti Virus Vendors including ClamAV and  BitDefender.

The Protector will also stop Worm, Trojan and Hacker attacks with its Intrusion Prevention module.

The Built in Web Filter, Content Filter and Web Proxy gives the administrator the ability to control all the content on their network, so users can be prevented from visiting auction sites, logging into their private emails, looking at social media such as Facebook, or accessing video sites such as YouTube during business hours. P2P traffic can also be blocked, so users can’t download illegal software.

The Protector Unified Threat Management UTM VMware Software comes with: Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Web Filter, Web Proxy, Intrusion Prevention and content filtering capabilities. For a full datasheet outlining its capabilities, please click here.

Grey Listing technology blocks 75-85% of spam before it enters a network, including image spam, and its Intrusion Prevention System features more than 10.000+ signatures, protecting against DoS/DDoS, with full bi-directional scanning of incoming and outgoing traffic.

The Penetrator’s vulnerability scanner additionally neutralizes the spreading of worms from infected workstations, by identifying vulnerabilities across the network.

The Portable Penetrator VMware software ( provides complete Wi-Fi Security with WEP, WPA & WPA2 cracking as well as an Online Penetrator Web Vulnerability Scanner with the Protector UTM Anti Spam and Anti Virus Web Filtering, built in.

Deals starts from 1 User/IP license at $195/€150, for the Protector Unified Threat Management (UTM) and the same for the Portable Penetrator – low, affordable starting costs for anyone.

There is a one-year complimentary database subscription included with all purchases, with full support included and an option for instant replacement of hardware, if you suffer a breakdown, with additional three years worldwide support.

VMware software provides a completely virtualised set of hardware to the guest operating system. The host provides pass-through drivers for guest USB, serial, and parallel devices.

In this way, VMware virtual machines become highly portable between computers, because every host looks nearly identical to the guest. In practice, a system administrator can pause operations on a virtual machine guest, move or copy that guest to another physical computer, and there resume execution exactly at the point of suspension.

Alternately, for enterprise servers, a feature called VMotion allows the migration of operational guest virtual machines between similar but separate hardware hosts sharing the same storage. Each of these transitions is completely transparent to any users on the virtual machine at the time it is being migrated.

Europe’s leading IT-security company SecPoint ( delivers specialized UTM, vulnerability management solutions with Grey Listing, Web Filter and Content Filter.

Services include Intrusion Prevention, IT Security Penetration Testing and Wi-Fi Security auditing to businesses worldwide.

Operating globally since 1999 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, SecPoint ( has been delivering high-end security products to customers worldwide, via SecPoint outlets in the United States and Europe.