Next Generation UTM Appliance, Protector, goes Light

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Leading IT security firm SecPoint’s Protector is taking Unified Threat Management appliances to the next level by offering a new ‘Light’ version at an affordable price for SMEs.

The sister unit to the larger-scale parent Protector UTM Firewall provides the same award-winning features like Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Application Control, Web Filtering, Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Anti Phishing and Content Filter to small and medium-sized businesses.

The entry-level system, for 1-4 users, is based on a SFF Small Form Factor device that allows IT managers to secure their entire network with a built-in Application Control, Web Filter, Content Filter and Web Proxy giving the administrator the ability to control all the content on their network.

Protector Light can be placed in front of a network and will ensure protection against all external attacks from the Internet. It can also be placed locally, in front of the switch on an internal network, to block and record local attackers. It provides complete logs to show who was trying to access the network.

Network users can also be prevented from visiting auction sites, logging into their private emails, browsing through social media such as Facebook or accessing video sites such as YouTube during business hours. P2P traffic can also be blocked, so users can’t download illegal software.

Additional features include Data Leak Prevention and a Full Mail Archive (Incoming & Outgoing Mail Backup) for companies and organisations with five to 2,000 mailboxes, on a 250GB hard drive, and Fast Live Chat Support.

Key features include:

  • Award-winning Firewall to block unauthorised incoming and outgoing connections;
  • Intrusion Prevention via SecPoint’s own extensive database of signatures – the largest in the world – to stop hackers who may have succeeded in getting through the firewall;
  • Application Control prevent users opening Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype, etc. on their computers;
  • An Anti-Spyware module, which can also detect, identify and block outgoing infections;
  • Blocking outgoing attacks that may have originated via viruses from a DVD or an infected local laptop;
  • Automatic Software and Firmware updates.

Businesses can calculate how quickly the SecPoint Protector Light UTM unit will pay for itself using this ROI calculator:

The all-new Protector Light costs 599 Euro or 799 USD, including the hardware box. The price includes every feature, and unlike other companies you don’t need to pay extra charges for each and every additional module.

Both the Protector and Protector LIGHT now come with more Features, Ease of Use and Flexibility.
No wonder SecPoint’s Customer Base had a 180% increase during 2011!

The Protector UTM now has over 150+ new Improvement/Features…

SecPoint has developed security solutions, each ahead of its competitors in their markets. Its preliminary focus is to offer top-notch, valuable and innovative IT Security solutions to business enterprises with maximum ease.


SecPoint first designed the Penetrator in 2003, the Protector UTM in 2005 and the Portable Penetrator in 2007. Since then, there has been continual development across all three variations with many firmware updates offering new and exciting features.

SecPoint has been operating globally since 1999 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been delivering high-end security products to customers worldwide, via SecPoint partners across the globe.

SecPoint was founded in 1998 and has 13 Years of continuous development on its Products. It is the most competitive company in the IT Security field with a wide range of products, including complete network protection, Firewalls, Application Controls, Pen-Testing and Securing websites, offering easy to use solutions for every IT security need.

Eliminating Complexity

Ensuring IT security for any organisation is a complex task and IT security firms often make this more complex by hiding the actual prices of various modules from customers to make more by from them by insisting they purchase additional features modules, firmware updates and support packages, etc. On many occasions, clients find themselves stuck in a situation where they can’t say ‘No’ because they are tied in to their initial investment in their IT security hardware.

Removing Complexity

With SecPoint’s ‘No Hidden Cost Policy’ customers get the convenience of obtaining the solution they need at no extra cost, whatsoever. Products come with many features but clients don’t need to pay separately for them. The concept is simple. Other companies always hide prices. They show businesses their lowest price, which ends up being the price for the appliance but with negligible features. With SecPoint, customers get every feature without any extra cost and no extra security modules as they already include everything within the product a customer purchases in the first place.


SecPoint puts a lot of time and effort in continuous development and provides regular upgrades with solutions to the latest threats. It regularly launches firmware updates with new features and tools which is very important to ensure continuous protection, without any additional charges. It also keeps up with customers’ requested features and implements them as fast as possible. Check out their change logs for examples of their development speed:

The Penetrator and Portable Penetrator now comes with over 200+ new Improvement/Features and the Protector UTM now comes with over 150+ new Improvement/Features.

SecPoint provides ‘Live Chat Support’ so if customers have any questions or issues about a unit, they can reach its experts from and receive immediate assistance from Technical Support Representatives. They are there to help 24/7 at zero additional cost, and can additionally provide remote help via TeamViewer and solve issues in Real-Time. Almost no other IT security company offers this service. Feedbacks about the help service can be seen, here:

SecPoint products are highly customisable and offer unmatched ease of use and it comes to added advantages such as free Firmware updates, free Live Chat Support (seven days a week) which ensures minimum effort from the customer’s side and offers unmatched customisation and ease of use.

SecPoint has offices in Denmark, Netherlands, Greece and hundreds of Resellers and Authorized Distributors around the globe. It provides a dedicated company account manager to all partners so they receive personalised assistance regarding any doubts or questions, as well as training and sales material to ensure best returns for them. There is also an interactive web shop exclusively for partners, which allows the creation of free demo units for customers to evaluate, for free. Partners are also free to set their own prices.

SecPoint has received dozens of awards for its various IT security products from reputed institutions around the globe, including from Secus, SC Magazine, Hakin9 magazine, Network Security, InfoSecurity Test, DTL, PC World, ProtecSttar and many more.

Europe’s leading IT-security company SecPoint delivers specialized UTM, vulnerability management solutions with Grey Listing, Web Filter and Content Filter.

Services include Intrusion Prevention, IT Security Penetration Testing and Wi-Fi Security auditing to businesses worldwide.

Operating globally since 1999 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, SecPoint has been delivering high-end security products to customers worldwide, via SecPoint outlets in the United States and Europe.

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