webuyanycar.com reaches 30 million valuations

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webuyanycar.com, the nation’s favourite specialist car buyer, announced today that its website, webuyanycar.com, has provided its 30 millionth car valuation.

The company, whose headquarters are based in Rochdale, England, was founded in 2006 and has expanded with branches nationwide. webuyanycar.com have gone from strength to strength despite the recession, and recently exported the concept by launching webuyanycar.com USA.

The company’s commitment to being the quickest and easiest way to sell cars, offering prices from £50 to over £100,000, has made them a household name.

A spokesperson said, “We’re extremely pleased to see so many people have valued their car online in a fast, safe and easy way. It’s even better to see how many of those receiving valuations turn in to happy customers, which has made us the largest second hand car buyer in the country; a record we’re very proud of”.

Despite being named among the most irritating adverts on television, their adverts have developed a cult following that has led to many fan-made tributes and parodies online, prompting the creation of an official webuyanycar site devoted to their adverts and spin-offs of various kinds.

As more and more people go online to find ways to sell their cars, webuyanycar.com have offered a simple solution that guarantees to buy your car no matter its condition, which has helped them reach this milestone of thirty million valuations. To put the number of valuations into context, there are an estimated 31 million cars in the UK. This landmark is just the latest success story from webuyanycar.com as they continue to go from strength to strength.

webuyanycar.com started in 2006 and offers people an alternative solution to sell their car, without the pressure of going to a dealer, or the hassle of selling it privately. webuyanycar.com offers to buy any car from £50 to over £100K, and only purchases cars from the public. These are sold through commercial channels. webuyanycar.com is an official supporter of the charity Brake.