Lohan and “Bombshell” McGee In Controversial Rebel Ink Cover Shoot With “Little Person”

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“Tattooed American Family” layout features Lindsay’s dad and Jesse James’ alleged ex as parents with “vertically challenged” son.

Rebel Ink—the tattoo magazine that brings you the wildest marked-up rebels on Earth—announced the release of their highly controversial April 2011 issue. The cover sends-up the modern “Inked American Family” by featuring the tattooed “other woman” in the Jesse James sex scandal Michelle McGee as “the stay-at-home M.I.LF.” mom.

The father figure is portrayed by the rehabilitated, born again Christian, Michael Lohan, whose real life daughter Lindsay continues to hold the attention of the public as well as the California legal system. Standing proud as McGee and Lohan’s “son” is 4’3” actor Mighty Mike Murga.

Lohan and McGee can also be found as the gleaming, inked couple in the Rebel Ink centerfold, and the photo layout is accompanied by a very revealing interview with both celebrated figures. Lohan discusses the meaning behind his tattoos as well as his ministry, his struggles with substance abuse and how his experiences have aided in his efforts to help his famous daughter battle her own demons.

McGee holds nothing back when telling her side of the story in regards to the role she played in the break-up of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock as well as allegations of her involvement in the white supremacy movement. “Bombshell” also talks about her participation in the adult entertainment business and the role that being a tattooed woman played in how she is perceived by the public.

Other features within the April issue 2011 include the cast of VH1’s new hit reality series, “The X-Life,” hardcore punk rockers, Madball, German tattooer extraordinaire Andy Engel and the down south ink slingin’ stylings of Royal Street Tattoo.

Rebel Ink magazine (facebook.com/rebelinkmag) made its debut in May 2009 as the sister magazine to hip-hop, tattoo magazine, Urban Ink—and it has been tearing through the ink mag scene since the release of its first ink-filled issue.

Rebel Ink is distributed across America as well as in Australia, Canada and the UK and is available in most major chains including Walmart, Borders, Barnes & Nobles and 7-11.

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