Aquaphor to exhibit at Aquatech Amsterdam 2017

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Aquaphor will introduce their three latest filter jug cartridges designed to address specific consumer challenges associated with domestic tap water.

The Aquaphor A100 is a cartridge providing absolute antibacterial protection, perfect for children’s nutrition and those with sensitive health issues.

Aquaphor Provance A5 Filter Jug
Aquaphor B25
Aquaphor A5
Aquaphor A100

The Aquaphor A5 filter which offers longer lasting protection from tap water heavily polluted with rust, sand and silt, and thirdly, the Aquaphor B25, designed to fit various European filter jugs, it includes finer adsorbents as well as Aqualen’s ion-exchange fibre, a patented bacteriostatic material highly effective against heavy metals found in tap water. The B25 filter is also available with Magnesium mineralizer.

Two fully fledged innovative products are also available for hands-on review at the booth.

The Aquaphor RO-201 is an advanced yet compact reverse osmosis system that is able to work with low tap pressure and adjust to incoming water quality with a high level of efficiency. It also incorporates a filter change reminder.

The elegantly shaped “Provance” filter jug in blow-moulded organic glass is stylishly designed with extra large capacity to complement any kitchen or dining table.

The Provance is available with either Aquaphor’s Universal or Maxfor filter cartridges.

Aquaphor products meet European and North American quality regulations and are certified NSF standards.

A comparative study of the most popular filter jugs by the Stiftung Warentest institute awarded Aquaphor the highest cumulative grade.

Aquaphor continues to develop its international dealer network and is currently offering products in 44 countries and through major international retailers and online stores.

“See you at Aquatech – Booth No 01.232”

Established in 1992, Aquaphor is a group of companies sharing the aspiration to deliver safe water solutions to meet the diverse needs of consumers around the world.

Aquaphor water filters combine knowledge-intensive technologies with in-house mass-production in Europe.

It ensures exceptional quality standards for the wide product range: filter jugs, under-counter filtration systems, whole-house purifiers and reverse osmosis systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.