Basepoint Digitial Media platform ready for the UK market

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Fast and flexible digital distribution is now available in the UK. To meet the increasing demand from the European market in general and the UK Basepoint Media have established an office in central London under the management of Access One UK and the serial entrepreneur Frode Thengs-Vik.

With the recent launch in Swiss with an advanced Air streaming application and On/offline mode application for android and iPhone, Basepoint Media has positioned itself in front of market development together with few players in Europe. The recent development is highly considered a fast track roll out in Switzerland where the new MVNO 20 Minuten mobile, a subsidiary of the large media company Tamedia/20 Minuten, wanted to provide their phone users as well as target market in general with a music application like for example B2C providers like Spotify and Wimp have provided for Telco’s in other markets. Basepoint Media helped 20 Minuten to achieve this 100% under their own brandname!

Speed and flexibility was a key decision parameter for the project management at 20 Minuten. As pointed out by Julian Schweizer an independent consultant in charge for content and technology for the project: “We looked after the most flexible provider in the market and Basepoint Media’s knowledge around licensing and label negotiations have been extremely satisfying for us. Within short time we had access to full music content catalogue and the right technology”.

The flexible platform launched with 20 minuten is now widely available for other Telco’s in Europe that wants to offer music content to their markets under their own brand. The music industry is positive towards this approach. As pointed out by Michael Wermuth, Managing Director EMI music Denmark: “We see in a wider extend that music is bundled with technology as for example mobile phone sale or Xdsl sale. There is no doubt that this market is going to grow fast for us in the coming years.

Until now it has primarily been large Telco’s that have provided music as a service but the new trend is that also smaller Telco’s will do this in the future as flat rate expands to smaller Telco’s as well. There is no doubt that Basepoint Media is a very interesting partner for these Telco’s as we know Basepoint Media for fast and flexible delivery and they are furthermore one of the most experienced platform providers in Europe with 10 years of experience in the field of digital distribution”.

Full thrust forward! With fierce competition in the UK the Basepoint Media office in the heart of London is a good platform from where Basepoint Media can discuss business opportunities with new partners. As Frode Thengs-Vik, Director at Basepoint Media UK points out: “We are discussing partnership with many different players and we really look forward to see these discussions materialize into good projects within the first 6 months of 2011. The pipeline is solid, the interest good and we hope the market will reach out to our approach on doing business as it has done in other markets where Basepoint Media is present.”

Upon successful execution of this new market initiative Basepoint Media has ambitions to continue the growth which have been steady also during the financial crisis. Basepoint Media have already passed the point of delivering 30 mill units to the market and as pointed out by Basepoint Media CEO, Jesper Bang-Olsen: “we do business around a simple rule that all parties involved in our value chain shall benefit from partnership with us. It’s about creating business relevant concepts, delivery on time, at agreed prices and agreed quality. Our partners seem to like this and we intend to keep on focus on this simple value proposition.”

Basepoint Media Group consist of 25 people and is head quartered in Copenhagen Denmark with Subsidiary in Luxembourg and sales offices in Germany, the UK and Norway. Basepoint Media delivers content platform and technology to 60 partners in Europe within the field of music, books and film. Basepoint Media has a catalogue of approximately 6 million music tracks inclusive major label repertoire, 3.000 movies and 1500 audio books. and

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