FHM Editor on ‘the world’s best job’

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For Him Magazine's front man talks work, women and writing, from the helm of the world's self-proclaimed monthly man bible…

He’s been a painter’s apprentice and has worked in slaughter houses, garden centres and building sites.

“I’ve done it all,” said 33-year-old Ross Brown, who in a relatively short time went from toy stacking in Selfridges to Editor of the best-selling magazine in Europe.

Ross started nine years ago as a staff writer and believes it’s “the best job in the world.”

Why is it such a good job?

Ask any man if he’d like to spend his days riding skateboards around the office, flying around the globe to ‘test’ top hotels, or interviewing the best sexiest women in the world and sure enough they’d be on the next train to FHM's offices.