F1 finalises proposals for new rules

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Nine teams and five car manufacturers have finalised their joint proposals for the future of F1 including sporting regulations and its legal framework…

 The teams and manufacturers, all except Ferrari, said in a press release sent to the FIA "a summary of joint proposals for the sporting, technical and legal framework of Formula One as of 2008" for the purpose of "forming the basis of constructive discussion".

The proposals have come together as a result of a range of meetings since January of the nine teams and five constructors, also known as the GPMA (Grand Prix Manufacturers Association).

These separate proposals follow the recent release of the FIA’s own proposals for the new regulations.

The GPMA say their proposals aim to "maintain and build on Formula One’s position as the number one annual sports series in the world and present "the most exciting, technologically advanced global motor sport series".

They also say that, "Where possible, costs should be significantly reduced, providing that the sporting spectacle and competition is not compromised.

The vision is for a fair and transparent sport with well-funded and highly-competitive teams on every row of the grid, with the best drivers competing on the most exciting tracks around the world."

However, the press release also states: "Formula One has to be at the forefront of technology and continue to showcase technical innovations in line with those in the auto industry, but potentially expensive innovations should not jeopardise the commercial and sporting viability of independent teams."

They conclude by saying that considering their alliance represents 90 per cent of the current grid as well as views from key stakeholders, they are "confident that the FIA will consider their proposals carefully" and "look forward to entering into a constructive dialogue with them".

They have requested that representatives from their group will meet with the FIA president, Max Mosely, soon.