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MATRU MANDIR is an institution for specialized yoga run by Mrs. Rekha Ramachandran providing holistic care and rehabilitation to children and to improve children over all development cognitive physical ans speech development . She observes down syndrome affects about 0.85% of births every year. Children with this disorder have an extra chromosome in their genetic make up. They have 47 instead of 46 chromosomes in their genes.

Rekha says”what yoga can di is improve your memory lessen lethargy and enhance overall development. They have greater difficulty in mental in physiological development.

Her own daughter is a dancer despite downs can speek 3 languages and she has won the gold medai in the swimming olympics for the special children which was held in Hyderabad last year.

She says”I have proved by introducing the concept of yoga tp parents so that their children will grow up learning not to be afraid of anythin

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