Rock’s finest descend on Download

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One of the world’s biggest and best metal festivals is held in Scotland for the first time to the delight of thousands of hard-rocking fans.

First, Glasgow had T in the Park, which was subsequently moved to its new home, Balado near Kinross in Fife, nine years ago.

Then there was Gig on the Green which attracted big names such as Eminem and Marilyn Manson. But due to falling attendances, was scrapped.

Last summer, Glasgow Green was host to a one-off rock concert featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters.

And so to this year, where we’ve just witnessed Rock’s finest at the Download festival, held at Glasgow Green.

Better-known for being held at Donnington Park, the Download festival headed north for the very first time as well as running at Donnington, as normal, afterwards.

Over the two days, bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, Lostprophets and Linkin Park played to over 28,000 fans.

On the first day, 16,000 rock fans turned out in the summer sun to see three of America’s biggest rock acts – Slipknot, Korn and Metallica.

But first on stage were Finnish rockers HIM. Sound problems ensued but that didn’t put the fans off who had come for a good time.

Next up were Iowa’s finest, Slipknot. The masked ones played some of their greatest hits such as ‘Spit It Out’ and their next single ‘Duality’.

They delighted the crowd with their sheer energy and passion.

Korn managed to keep up the raw energy when frontman Jonathan Davis walked on stage wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes, to the delight of the Scottish fans.

Then the band everyone had been waiting for, Metallica. They played an impressive two hour set and wowed the crowd with songs, ‘Fade To Black’, ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘Seek And Destroy’.

The masses went away happy, with many coming back the next day for more of the same.

On the second day everyone was looking forward to headline act Linkin Park, but there was a lot to get through before they were due on stage.

The gates opened at 3pm and the first band hit the stage at about 4 o’clock. Machine Head were greeted enthusiastically by those in the mosh pit.

Lead singer Robb Flynn took time out in-between songs to chat to the crowd, but did seem a little confused.

More than once he said: “Thanks for all coming, it’s great seeing so many of you out on a Sunday afternoon.” Somebody should have told him, it was Thursday.

Next up was The Distillers and their feisty female lead singer Brody Dalle, who didn’t seem to be in the best of moods.

They played their set to a lukewarm reception and then stormed off stage without even a “thank you Glasgow” or a “goodbye.”

Maybe the toilet roll and drinks being thrown at the stage did it.

After The Distillers stormed off, it was time for a monster set by Iggy Pop and The Stooges. Once again the toilet roll rained down on the stage, leading Iggy to say: “Do you think I need to wipe my ass?”

Dressed in only a tight pair of jeans he jumped about the stage with the energy of a man half his age.

During the set he left the stage and walked in front of the mosh pit causing the crowd to surge forward and catch a glimpse of the legendary rocker.

In a dig at the two nu metal bands still to come, Iggy told the crowd: “We are the last proper band on today. That was the last of the proper music. You’re all here for bands who make their music on machines.”

At 8 o’clock Welsh wonders Lostprophets came onto the stage to rapturous applause. They played songs from their debut album and their latest one.

Lead singer Ian Watkins was funny and charismatic as he chatted to the excited crowd. After an hour, before the band left the stage, he announced they would be back by the end of the year.

As the sky turned a murky grey over Glasgow, it was time for the main attraction.

Chester, Mike, Joe, Brad, Rob and Phoenix walked confidently on stage to the delight of 12,000 fans and they didn’t disappoint.

The stage was awash with blue and purple lights as Linkin Park played songs from their albums, ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’.

Favourites included – In The End, One Step Closer and Somewhere I Belong. The jumping crowd sang along with gusto and were treated to a spectacular show by the huge US group.

After more than an hour of playing the band left the stage. But due to popular demand they came back for an encore of three songs.

Once they were finished (for the second time) they stayed on stage for a few minutes taking in the scene, the applause and throwing towels, drum sticks and bottles of water into the delighted crowd.

The vast audience left Glasgow Green happy and hoping the event returns north of the border once again next year.