Chick-chucking fan ruffles Romário

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Brazil’s former superstar striker, Romário, received an odd protest on Tuesday when a fan – frustrated at his "poor form" – threw live chickens at him.

Brazil’s 1994 World Cup star Romário kicked more than the ball when an angry fan threw six chickens at him.

The ex-Barcelona striker attacked the supporter after a training session at his team’s ground in Rio de Janeiro.

Supporter Ricardo Gomes clearly ruffled the footballer’s feathers, launching a stream of abuse – and then the six birds – at Romário as a protest against Fluminense’s terrible form.

“You’re going to give me a bollocking in my own home? No, you’re not are you. If you want to have a go at me go to the Maracanã [Rio’s largest stadium], but don’t do it here,” ranted the player as he and physiotherapist Fernando Lima laid into Gomes.

The fight, which drew in other fans and even Fluminense’s manager Renato Gaúcho, was broken up by Polícia Militar.

“He can’t play football, but he knows how to fight,” 31-year-old Gomes told reporters afterwards.

Fluminense’s president David Fischel criticised Romário, but said no immediate action would be taken.

“The player shouldn’t have had such a deplorable attitude. But if he were punished now it would be Fluminense who would suffer,” he said.

However, Romário will have to explain his actions to the police next Wednesday. After undergoing a physical examination, the supporter reported the incident to local police.

Gomes, vice-president of the supporters group Garra Tricolor, may also face charges.

Animal rights groups have demanded he be prosecuted, after one of the chickens – bought for R$40 (less than £10) – died.

Under Brazilian law cruelty against animals can result in a prison sentence of up to one year. According to article 32 of the Environmental Crimes legislation the punishment can be enhanced by up to a third when an animal is killed.

"A member of a supporters group is a law unto himself. He always acts with emotion and almost never with logic," explained Claúdio Delunardo of Fluminense website Tricolor Doente (Sick Tricolour).

Romário has shown increasing frustration at his team’s recent form. Fluminense are five from bottom in the Brazilian Championship and face relegation.

"The team is rubbish, Romário should retire and the board are indescribably incompetent," said Delunardo.

Rio’s other teams are doing almost as badly.

Vasco da Gama, who beat Manchester United 3-1 in the 2000 World Club Championship with two goals from Romário, takes the 17th spot.

And at the 12th spot, Flamengo, who recently parted with technical director Oswaldo Oliveira, are the city’s highest placed team.

But the incident does seem to have had some effect on the pitch. Fluminense beat São Paulo team Corinthians last night – Romário scoring the only goal four minutes from the end.