Exclusive Speaker Designer Grabs Attention with Global Kickstarter Campaign

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 LP Speakers, a leading provider of hand-made, customer speakers that equally values both sound and design, has announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. The campaign was endorsed by Kickstarter as “A project we love” and became fully funded in just 12 hours.




Beautiful, high-end interior audio speakers loved by designers now available to the public through limited offering


LP Speakers is located in France and led by designer and lifetime audiophile Lennart Pluim.


Pluim originally trained as a cabinetmaker and furniture designer before moving into the automotive car-parts industry. During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, he decided it was time fulfill a life-long ambition of designing and making speakers. After many months studying acoustics relating to speaker design, he founded LP Speakers and today he makes exquisite, unique pieces of speaker art to enrich people’s lives.


The Kickstarter campaign was launched to develop the new business and raise funds to purchase machinery that will allow greater repeatability and freedom in design.



His loudspeaker design is based on creating the most authentic and clear sound from an original recording, while integrating or enhancing the look and feel of a living space. The result is the appreciation and enjoyment of both the design and crisp audio.



“I have put the same amount of love and skill into crafting these beautiful speaker cabinets as I would any piece of treasured furniture,” said Pluim. “These speakers can be considered bespoke works of art. Your home environment or designated audio room is your sanctuary, which is why the speakers were designed to bring sumptuous sound and visual interest. Your choice of speakers is respected as an installation of creative individuality.”



Pluim appreciates that a person’s space is valuable and at a premium. Interior designers can carefully curate his speakers’ pieces to tell their design story. In this case, the beauty of the speakers and the sound they produce serve dual design purposes.



He continued, “I love listening to music. As a trained furniture designer and cabinet maker, I have always wanted to produce well-designed, beautifully crafted and great-sounding wooden speakers. If interior design or music industry clients have their own special bespoke idea, or a vision for unique speakers, we are always interested in designing and crafting something special for them.”



Some LP Speakers designs include Limited-Edition Maple Heart, Fantasma Rosso, SaRaiFo (Red and White Groovy Wave), Burr Elm (Stunning Organic, Polished, Rich Wood Grain) and Large 5,000-year-old Bog Oak.



Kickstarter campaign: kck.st/3mIH6y3.


The company website: lpspeakers.eu