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IT security: Are you prepared for war?

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and no matter what size your business is, sooner or later you're likely to get hacked. But take heed from an expert, and minimise the risks…

Airport security is under siege, says Scanit

Sometimes security dangers aren’t as clandestine as you may think. One of the most serious threats to your firm’s security could be sitting next to you… in the airport departure lounge...

Murdoch acquires web phenomenon Myspace

When new media meets old: Rupert Murdoch adds the blog site to his media empire after buying up its parent company, Intermix...

IE was ‘unsafe’ for 98% of 2004, Mozilla safest

Global security consultancy ScanIT shows Microsoft's Internet Explorer was "unsafe" for 98% of 2004, while rival browser Mozilla was "unsafe" for only 15%…

Irish banks are failing Mac users

Users of Apple Macs are being treated as second-class customers when it comes to internet banking in Ireland…

Careless talk costs companies and callers

Security companies are warning private voicemail systems can be exploited using tools and software available on the Internet.

IT's a disaster with US tech EDS

This week's crisis at the Child Support Agency has revealed what government ministers wanted to keep quiet…

Good drivers are best hope for bad cars

Cars bear the brunt of the blame for a range of social ills in the UK, but as one reporter finds, drivers who embrace change can push things forward.

Backlash on outsourcing may bite masters

As the US election nears, the issue of outsourcing is again at hand. But could political efforts to curb work going abroad actually damage the country that created the industry?

Why aren't you using Linux?

Want to run a professional PC without splashing out on Microsoft’s astronomically-priced software? Then check out our low-down on its best competitor, Linux.


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