South Asia

News and reports from the sub-continent.

Terror base in UK not here, says Pakistan

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said that there was "no credible intelligence" tying the London bombers to his country...

Children buried alive in Hindu ritual

Over 80 people in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu face jail for burying their own children alive in a gruesome religious ritual…

Kashmir's disappeared: Looking for the lost

Parents of disappeared persons in disputed Kashmir search for the truth about their missing relatives…

India's new fashion generation blooms

India’s second generation of fashion designers aren’t afraid to experiment and finally they are starting to make their mark in the international arena…

Colombo: 'Thousands have been swept away'

One reporter recounts the scene as tsunamis decimated a Sri Lankan town in Sunday's huge sea surges…

Western work will return if East is overused

If demand for Indian IT workers leads to a drop in service quality, many businesses - already under attack for fuelling job losses - may be forced to close operations there.

Bangladesh bans 'bird flu' products

The Bangladeshi Government has banned the import of chicks from countries affected by bird flu, while a mystery disease sweeps the provinces.

Alternative world forum seeks solutions

The World Social Forum (WSF) has opened in India amidst hopes of finding answers to some of the world's most pressing issues.

'Luxury for the people' in India

As India's seemingly unstoppable ascent in the global economic market continues, luxury goods manufacturers target its burgeoning middle classes.

Calling time on India's pending crisis

Enthusiastic, and fresh-faced on the way in, they are bitter, disillusioned and unsure of their identities when they leave. Is India's call centre industry killing the country?


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