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Tech-savvy pen collectors still think real ink

It takes one look around any lecture hall or office to make you believe that the ink pen's days are numbered.

Dieters take a jab at fat with injections for weight loss

In the name of melting off pounds, would you inject a hormone extracted from a pregnant woman's urine? Even one that studies show does nothing to help weight loss? Based on anecdotal evidence, more and more dieters are saying "yes."

Viagra: A 10-year love affair

Has it really been 10 years since Viagra burst onto the scene and into the medicine cabinets of American men? A look back at the medical/cultural phenomenon that's resurrected late-life sex and provided endless fodder for late-night comedians.

Return of the typewriter

Typewriters are back. People young and old are shunning the distractions of modern computers in favor of the old manual machines.

Women keep their names after marriage for more than feminist reasons

Thirty years after the feminist movement spurred women to keep their maiden names, women are choosing to hold on to these names for a different reason - to preserve their ethnic identities.

World’s first interactive hotel and travel guide

IXeo releases IX-world, the free travel planner with direct access to hotel suppliers from all global markets without intermediary charges...

Mills-McCartney divorce judgment published in full

Heather Mills has been awarded £24.3m in her divorce settlement with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney...

Guilt-free diamonds: beyond blood to human rights

Buying diamonds is now a matter of conscience, not just taste and deep-pockets.

Cook's tour: A gadget (or three) for every kitchen task

Novice and professional cooks alike are snapping up strange and specialized kitchen contraptions, but do they really need lettuce knives, shrimp deveiners and avocado slicers?

Last wishes: Hold the religion

As the number of self-professed nonbelievers grows in America, so do the requests for a funeral which accurately reflects their disbelief.


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