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The portal offers everything and more with accessories, such as pipes, steamrollers, tasters and chillums, with some of the best from industry-leading brands such as DankStop & Grav Labs. From sleek and modern designs to colorful and whimsical options, they have everything you need to elevate your smoking game.

While bongs, bubblers and rigs enable users to percolate and refine their smokes, the online shop also features their Chilli Bomba range of gummies from spicy mango to double sour belts.

As well as a range of essential herbal accessories, Patientopia’s Community Smoke Shop enables its most ardent followers to wear it as well. They have a range of apparel, from hats and T-shirts to hoodies, as well as jewellery and dreamcatchers.

Dayna Picetti, Founder & CEO of Patientopia, said: “Since I created Patientopia, it has proliferated into a Smoke Shop Community that inspires me to continue to build and persevere in what I hold.

“It has evolved to the point that Patientopia now carries some of the biggest name brands in the Smoke Shop industry today, as well as encouraging and listing micro and unique brands out there. Its success really aligns with our mission to enlighten and educate all those who find sanctuary and relief within the herbal lifestyle.”

The uniqueness of Patientopia is that it enables individuals and businesses to list their new smoke shop-related goods on the platform. Patientopia does not sell CBD, Tobacco, Marijuana, Kratom or used goods.

Dayna said the company, which has just added a new app, offers free shipping on all US orders, with 99% of listed products drop shipped. It provides full terms and conditions for online buyers and a blog site, which includes hits on how to roll the best joint.

As a special offer, Patientopia enables buyers to save 15% Off SITEWIDE With Code: “JOINT”. For all orders $25 and above, there is a FREE Gift for online shoppers. It also offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for seven days on all successfully received, unused Items.