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The Foresight Management Development Program (FMDP) consists of a full collection of acclaimed management skill courses, workshops, online coaching sessions, and skill assessments designed for medium and large companies to develop their leadership talent in all the strategic managerial areas leadership teams need to succeed and excel in their jobs, according to a study published by the Harvard Press.

“We are thrilled to pass the baton of our program to companies committed to developing stronger management skills in their leadership teams. The Foresight Management Development Program will provide them with one of the most effective programs in the industry,” said Candido Segarra, ., who is retiring after sixteen years at the helm of the program, is a recognized national expert in corporate training design, developer of corporate universities, and high-end training programs and CEO of Foresight Publishers, Inc. “This offering is a perfect, fully turnkey solution for a variety of organizations or business units that provides an internal management/leadership development program for their managerial teams.” -Segarra said.

According to Dr. David Banks, Foresight’s Senior Facilitator and Chief Learning Officer, “the training program structure consist of a combination of live-facilitated, interactive workshops with follow-up Implementation Video Coaching sessions to ensure accountability and transference of skills learned, offers flexibility and convenience for both the managerial participants as well as the trainers. The designed follow-up coaching sessions offer personalized guidance, support for the participants, and assessments that offer insights on the participant’s progress and implementation outcomes,” Banks said.

“For the past sixteen years the FMDP program has sustained a 99.4% rating of ‘met or exceeded expectations’ by participants. This acquisition is a perfect solution for internal corporate-sponsored training with multiple levels of managerial teams, business units and locations, corporate universities, successful management/leadership training companies that want to expand their offerings to their clients, and/or private equity investment firms that want to provide quality training for the leadership of their acquisitions.” -said Segarra.

Foresight Publishers, Inc. also announced the offering of financing availability for qualified buyers.

Foresight Publishing, Incis a global leader in custom designed and delivery of tailored management and leadership programs. Founded in 2007, it has consistently grown and rated by participating CEO’s as one of the most effective leadership training programs in the industry for consistently delivering tangible results and ROI to its domestic and international clients throughout the years.