Volt Carbon Technologies Builds its First 5Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries to Support the DAIR Green Funded Aerospace Project

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Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. (“Volt Carbon” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: VCT) (OTCQB: TORVF) in conjunction with Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Solid Ultrabattery Inc. in Guelph, Ontario, has completed its first milestones for the project titled “Development of lithium-ion battery for small drone and UAV applications.”  




Under the Leadership of Dr. Zhongwei Chen, University of Waterloo and Solid Ultrabattery’s battery lead, Dr. Hey Woong Park, the first batch of 19 layer 5 Ah batteries was fabricated at the Guelph facility. The batteries reached their initial targeted energy density exceeding 250 Wh/kg (which matches or exceeds the same energy density levels of current electric vehicles in production). In testing, the batteries have successfully completed rate capability tests and is currently performing cycle life tests at the Guelph lab.    


“The team at Solid Ultrabattery has been working hard to deliver results on this potential aerospace application of our battery technology. Its nice to see the Government of Canada’s support through DAIR, contributed to Solid Ultrabattery’s drive towards commercialization of its intellectual property.  We will begin to ramp up our battery performance to achieve higher energy densities during the last half of the year,” said V-Bond Lee, CEO and President of Volt Carbon.


Volt Carbon is a publicly traded carbon science company, with specific interests in energy storage and green energy creation, with holdings in mining claims in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia in Canada.




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