Orit Fuchs – ‘I come to the studio six days a week – and start dreaming!’

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Orit Fuchss art has been characterised as creative journalism. Its an intriguing description for this prolific artist who works in a variety of mediums, including paint, sculpture, embroidery and video. Fuchs, who is based in Tel Aviv, doesnt directly engage with current affairs; nevertheless, her vigorous, contemporary portraits of women capture and express a life and a mode of being in a single frame, while also engaging with wider gender roles, as they change and develop around us.


She served as an art director at some of Israels most highly acclaimed creative agencies, while also exhibiting her at galleries and fairs in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Miami, South Korea, New York and other art hubs across the globe, and now has a strong international following. In this, the latest of our interviews with artists selling their work exclusively via our site, we talk to Fuchs about her earliest creations, her current sources of inspiration, her vivid works, and her daily routine.


How would you describe what you do? 


I am a multidisciplinary artist and work in a variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, illustration, video, embroidery and everything that will allow me to convey my message. All the characters I create are women, usually strong, independent women with a lot of confidence and also quite a bit of humor.


Are the women in your artworks and sculptures based on character types or real people in your life? 


All the women in my sculptures are not real characters; they are characters that illustrate situations I want to convey.


How does being an art director at an agency affect what you do in a fine art setting?  I do not get my inspiration from the agency. I create what I feel at that moment.


What is behind the title Vivid, that some of the works have? 


VIVID for me is a language. It is strong, kicking, with presence, bright colors and a very sharp and clear message.


What was your earliest art creation as a kid? 


I cannot say what was my first work. All my life I have created, since I can remember myself – but I did not understand that what I do is art.


Do you collect art yourself? If so, what have you bought in recent years? 


Yes, I collect art myself, not on budgets my clients can afford. I usually buy pieces from young artists, up to $3,000.


How do you get your creativity flowing? 


Im a dreamer. I look a lot at life, at fashion, at music and draw a lot of inspiration from it. I wish I had more time in the day to express everything I would like.  I come to the studio every day, six days a week from 5:30-6:00 in the morning and start dreaming. I usually know right away what I’m going to create because I have thought about it at night.


How has your work changed over the course of your career? 


Over the years I feel like I get more confident and create more from the belly, without fear of criticism. Today I am in a place where I do only what I want, even if I know there is a chance that it will not be well received or will not understand me very well.


If you could choose any artist on earth to do your portrait, who would you choose? Alex Katz.