Fobi Signs $260,000 Annual License Renewal With Leading Global Insurance Provider To Deliver Digital Proof Of Insurance For Europe

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Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), an industry leader in harnessing AI and data intelligence to enable digital transformation, is pleased to announce that the company’s annual contract with one of the world’s leading insurance providers has automatically renewed. Fobi will earn $260,000 in revenue as per the contract’s annual renewable terms. Revenue will be recognized throughout the 12-month term in accordance with standard IFRS policies.




Fobi’s Wallet Pass platform enables the insurance provider to issue digital proof of insurance passes for its various insurance offerings across five countries in Europe. The digital transformation and utilization of wallet passes outside of North America is far more advanced and with this most recent deal, Fobi continues to not only power four of the top ten global insurance companies but is now becoming a leading provider to the insurance industry with over 15 insurance customers in total.


With the convenience of a mobile phone, digital proof of insurance enables a seamless customer experience for drivers and law enforcement officers alike. Instead of rummaging through physical wallets and glove compartments for the paperwork needed when an accident happens, drivers can simply open their wallet passes to exchange information. Smartphone cameras can also be used to scan the pass’ QR code, and the drivers’ information is then automatically sent to their insurance company to speed up claims processing.  




The insurance client specifically chose Fobi to provide its service for many different purposes, all of which are also reasons why they structured an auto-renewal of their contract. During the decision-making process, the insurance provider recognized that Fobi’s distinct combination of features and functionality, customization, and customer service was highly differentiated from any other solution in the market. Another key reason for their selection was because of the critical requirement of data privacy, protection, and compliance in the insurance industry. Since Fobi is GDPR compliant and operates the client’s Wallet Pass platform on a dedicated instance in the Google Cloud, the partnership opportunity is a perfect fit. Three different business units within the client’s organization have already built API integrations with the Fobi Wallet Pass platform, demonstrating their long-term commitment to the solution.  


”Fobi’s Passcreator Wallet Pass platform is becoming the industry standard for digital proof of insurance, which is why we are so pleased to announce this renewal,” said David Sporer, Managing Director of Passcreator by Fobi. “Digital proof of insurance makes for a great customer experience but is also incredibly easy for insurance companies to manage. Insurers gain the ability to turn passes on and off remotely and can additionally use them to directly communicate with their customers about renewals or complementary services that may be of interest.”


Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi, states: “This deal not only solidifies our position as a leading digital wallet pass provider as we power four of the world’s largest insurance companies, but it gives us tremendous confidence as we are not only continuing to win new business, but we have now 100% success in customer retention and to me that says it all. The release of this news is well timed for us as we are now benefiting from the result of our successes in Europe here in North America where insurance companies are now expressing great interest in our digital proof of insurance offering.” 


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