Fobi Launches New Wallet Pass-Based Membership and Loyalty Program for the Beauty & Health Industry

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Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiencies and profitability, is pleased to announce that they have launched a new membership and loyalty platform for the beauty and health space, and have signed their first customer, Van Isle Beauty Co.  Fobi will earn revenue from this deal through an initial setup fee and ongoing monthly license fees for active passes. 


Deal with Van Isle Beauty delivers a membership and loyalty platform designed specifically for the Beauty and Health space. 




Having seen significant growth in their client base and service offerings, Van Isle Beauty chose Passcreator by Fobi to deliver a seamless customer experience as a part of their new membership and loyalty program, Van Isle Beauty Club. Passcreator’s ability to integrate with existing business systems makes it an easy-to-use platform that enables Van Isle Beauty to drive customer retention to new heights, where exclusive promotions and product updates can be sent to customers more efficiently than ever before.


With its latest venture into the beauty and health space, Fobi’s Wallet Pass platform is a future-forward solution that will give Van Isle Beauty the ability to increase its revenue by cross-selling a variety of salon services—from hair to nails to eyelash extensions—and enable them to send personalized messages based on the transactional data collected from each appointment and interaction with the brand.


For loyalty members, Van Isle can now also immediately target its customers before, during, and after their appointments with new offers, which will work to enhance retention, frequency of visits, and purchases through loyalty-based rewards. Similarly, the Passcreator solution will contribute to greater online sales for Van Isle Beauty products by distributing relevant promotion codes to clients in-store, and at home. This segmented communication through the Wallet Pass will not only enable the beauty boutique to expand their reach with increased delivery rates through push notifications (being more effective than email and social media), but customers will also be able to learn more about the salon and its products for proper use and aftercare, which fosters a continuous, direct relationship with Van Isle’s most important clients.


Van Isle Beauty has a much-coveted exclusive agreement with InLei Canada, an Italian manufacturer of lash lift and brow lamination products, to offer clients world-class beauty experiences both in the salon and at home. Passcreator’s simplicity and extensive compatibility enable the boutique to achieve greater adoption of its online and offline services, while also increasing awareness about InLei products to a new segment of customers that purchase other Van Isle offerings. For example, Van Isle Beauty can send targeted promotions to clients who attend appointments for InLei eyelash extensions, and provide subsequent information that educates them on complementary InLei products such as brow serums and lash fillers.


Nicole Bembridge, Van Isle Beauty Cofounder, states: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Fobi’s Wallet Pass solution to help our clients get rewarded every time they come to visit us. In a salon, the most important thing is to make your customers feel exclusive, special, and familiar with our estheticians, services, and products. The personalization and direct communication of Passcreator by Fobi’s Wallet Pass platform solves exactly that. It gives our most important clients a sense of exclusivity, belonging, and recognition while using an up-scale solution.”


Fobi CEO Rob Anson states: “The health and beauty industry is something that we have been quietly working on for quite some time. I am very grateful for the opportunity to craft and commercialize our health and beauty product offering with such a forward and progressive thinking group in Van Isle Beauty Co.


Health and Beauty is obviously a very large global opportunity for us, and as a result of the positive reception and interest of which we have experienced to date, we believe that we are very well positioned to raise the bar and deliver the next evolution of health and beauty member rewards.”


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Founded in 2020, Van Isle Beauty Co. is a beauty and health boutique based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, that offers a range of wellness products and services across salon and spa treatments, massage therapy, as well as cosmetic procedures. The growing beauty bar and boutique also provides aspiring estheticians and beauticians with professional development opportunities, offering hands-on, educational courses to kickstart a rewarding career in the Beauty and Health industry.


From eyelash extensions and hair care to hydra facials and teeth whitening, Van Isle Beauty champions a brand that creates, serves, and sells from the heart to provide clients with feel-good experiences that have unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and guaranteed results.


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