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COPTRZ Ltd of the UK and Tomahawk Robotics have announced a formal and strategic partnership for the defense and public safety markets in the UK.


The revolutionary growth in unmanned technologies and AI has created a complex maze of robotic platforms and solutions with closed architectures. Tomahawk Robotics is changing this and have built Kinesis – a platform and communications agnostic control software solution that transforms how humans work with robots and unmanned systems in the most stressful and harsh environments.


 Kinesis unlocks the power of 20+ unmanned systems from over a dozen manufacturers. Viewable on a single “pane of glass” and controllable from a common UI – all upgraded with new AI capabilities and connected to the tactical network.


COPTRZ Ltd, were established in 2016 to revolutionise organisations using drones, with defence and public safety emerging as two of the most important sectors for the organisation. COPTRZ is now established as the leading drone solutions provider in the UK based on an impartial 360° eco-system of best in world UAS, payloads, accessories, software and training.


CCO and co-founder Steve Coulson commented “We’re delighted to partner with Tomahawk Robotics as the world leader in Manned- Unmanned Teaming, that provides transformational capabilities in UAS deployment.”


Jack Humphrey, International Business Development Manager based in the UK commented “As we grow our international network, Tomahawk Robotics are proud to partner with COPTRZ who continue to support the Defence and Public Safety markets in the UK with innovative market-leading uncrewed, autonomous solutions.  COPTRZ delivers value and success through effective collaboration with their customers and the strength of their relationships with OEMs.”




Tomahawk Robotics