Out of this world NFT collection kickstarts launch of fictional universe

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The Pandimensionals, an NFT collection featuring a race of cherryade-fueled aliens from another dimension, is set to launch on 18 March.



Created by The Pandimensional Trading Company (PTCo.), the Pandimensionals (aka ‘Phanackapans’) are characters from the fictional universe and series of novels, ‘The Broadcliffs Saga’, from the creative mind of acclaimed illustrator and author Sam Banfield. 


PTCo will encourage collectors and fans to follow the Phanackapans’ adventures in a series of upcoming comics and story books. This includes an exclusive mini-series of Phanackapan comics to be released post-mint, as well as the first novel from the Broadcliffs Saga, ‘Lost Property’, which is set to launch later this year.


The limited collection is the genesis of a unique multidisciplinary fictional universe, with collectors given special access to explore, discover, and unlock the unique mysteries of the Pandimensionals. 


The collection includes thousands of unique NFTs, including a limited number of 1/1 rare editions. Collectors can own high quality, hand-drawn digital artwork, with 300 traits and provable rarity.  Buyers will also be able to access exclusive NFT airdrops and funds from sales will be used to create community and charity wallets.


PTCo. has plans for two further collections to be launched in 2022. This includes the ‘Cherryade Bar’ where owners will be rewarded with exclusive access to a new series of NFTs, akin to the Bored Ape serums, enabling them to evolve their original Phanackapans and increase the value of their collection.


The PTCo team is committed to generating increased value for its growing community and is inviting budding artists and creatives to submit their own ideas for future NFTs, to expand the Pandimensional universe. More details on the future roadmap will be announced after launch. 


PTCo has also committed 10% of its profits to reading charities to help reverse the recent decline in ‘reading for pleasure’ among young people, which is thought to have fallen by over a third since 2012, as well as those that support a cleaner environment for our children. 


Co-founder and Lead Artist, PJ Cooper, said: “The Pandimensionals are going to be out of this world. The artwork born from the books of my co-founder Sam Banfield, is highly original and full of eccentric Brit humour and pop-culture. This collection is just the start, we’re so excited to bring collectors and fans on this journey with us, as we create a fictional universe akin to Tolkien’s Middle Earth or Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. 


“We have an exciting roadmap and a passionate creative team with big ambitions for the future to grow a thriving NFT community and become a real British success story in what has so far been a US dominated space. Both myself and my co-founder Sam have loved working on this project, and it’s reminded us why we fell in love with the creative arts when we were kids. We hope the collection will inspire the next generation of creative talent and help encourage ‘reading for pleasure’ through our series of comics and illustrated novels.” 


To win a place on the limited presale allow list follow @Pandimensionals on Twitter for the latest giveaways. 


About Pandimensional Trading Company 


We are the Pandimensional Trading Co.™, the only NFT company trading Pandimensionally. We’re proud of PTCo. and love our artists, engineers, talent scouts and community managers. Our marketplace is your gateway to purchase NFTs produced by beings, like you, from across the multiverse. For more information, visit: https://www.pandimensionals.io/