An online seminar of the explanation of the parables of the kingdom of heaven to follow after Revelation

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From 3 Jan, Shincheonji Church of Jesus to hold an online seminar of the parables of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven and their reality will be available for streaming all over the world following the positive responses from the Revelation seminar…




Starting from 3 Jan of the new year, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (abbrev. Shincheonji Church of Jesus, headed by Chairman Manhee Lee) will begin another online seminar regarding the parables of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven and their reality. This seminar will explain the true meaning of the parables of the kingdom of heaven that were kept hidden in parables (Mt 13:34-35) but are made plain at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment according to what is written in the New Testament of the Bible (Jn 16:25).


Shincheonji Church of Jesus will be holding a total of 24 online lectures from 3 January to 28 March, twice a week, 10:00 AM every Monday and Thursday. Instructors from Shincheonji Zion Christian Mission Center will be giving the lectures and they will be available for viewing in 24 different languages on the official Shincheonji Youtube channel ( The first lecture to take place on 3 January, will be given by Chairman Manhee Lee. 


Among the 24 lectures, some of the main topics of the seminar include: The Two Kinds of Spirits, The General Knowledge of the Bible, Figurative Seed, Field, Tree, and Bird, The Figurative Food and Yeast, Figurative Bowl, Scale and Rod, The Figurative Fire, Censer, and Pot, The Figurative Light, Lamp and the Blind, the Deaf, and Wedding Clothes, The Figurative Treasure and the Rich, The Figurative Rock, Idol.


This explanation of the secrets and the true meaning of the parables of the kingdom of heaven is the Introductory Level course at the Zion Christian Mission Center, an educational center that teaches the Bible. The true meaning of the kingdom of heaven that is recorded in parables can only be explained through the Bible and the students who have completed the Introductory Level at the Zion Christian Mission Center say, “[It is] the greatest Word that can only be taught because God has revealed it.” Many anticipate that the reality of the revealed word in Shincheonji Church of Jesus will be made clearer now than ever before through this seminar.


Ever since the Revelation seminar, requests from people all over the world to teach them the Bible are flooding in, and Shincheonji Church of Jesus has established MOUs with over 1,200 pastors regarding providing such education to pastors and their congregations. Many more pastors are expected to attend the upcoming seminar. The majority of the pastors that joined the Revelation seminar expressed willingness to join the Introductory Level course to follow soon. 


Shincheonji Church of Jesus stated, “The secrets of the kingdom of heaven in the Bible are hidden in parables so it would be erroneous to interpret the spiritual meanings literally,” and emphasized, “at the first coming, Jesus fulfilled the prophecy in the Old Testament that reads, ‘I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter hidden things, things from of old,’ (Ps 78:2). Then Jesus also prophesied that when the time comes, it will no longer be in parables and figurative language, but their true meaning and reality will be made plain (Jn 16:25). This is what has been fulfilled today. People will be able to verify this through the seminar.”