SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network, Hosts Largest Cross-Industry AI Forum in December 2021

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With investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecasted to grow over $50 billion by the end of 2021, and the global AI market expected to exceed $300 billion by 2026, world leaders and AI experts come together on the virtual stage and discuss the AI trajectory in 2022 and beyond.


Virtual AI Conference, December 14, 2021


20+ cross-industry business leaders and worldwide recognized AI experts share perspectives around the current state, future opportunities, and challenges in advancing the positive impact of cognitive technologies. Behind this world class, high profile and global-reaching AI conference is SwissCognitive, with over half million social media followers and 1,500+ partner companies internationally, influencing workforces all around the world.


To ensure the highest quality conference content, SwissCognitive carefully curates all the leaders and AI experts on stage, who on average bring 25 years of experience from different industries and disciplines, representing both public and private sectors.


Some of the most recognized leaders joining AI Trajectory in 2022+ include Kai-Fu Lee, one of the biggest names in the global AI ecosystem; Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI & ML and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum; Thomas Davin, Global Innovation Director, UNICEF; and Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Φ-lab Explore Office Leader from the European Space Agency.


Through expert panel discussions, keynotes and interviews, speakers will focus on the current state of AI development and applications, perception for 2022 and beyond, and the AI investment landscape—opportunities ahead, and challenges and solutions.


The AI conference is open to the public upon official registration, free of charge, giving a unique opportunity to thousands of people to exchange with fellow AI enthusiasts globally and to connect with the speakers on stage.


Event details, registration and full list of speakers:


SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network is a highly respected cross-industry global community of business leaders and AI experts transparently interacting and exchanging knowledge to advance the positive impact of AI as a key business driver and economy-booster. The forums spotlight hands-on use cases, challenges, successes, and opportunities–both in the boardroom and on global stages.


Founded in 2016 by AI thought-leader Dalith Steiger and digital transformation strategist, Andy Fitze, SwissCognitive reaches over half million social media followers in 100 countries and over 30 industry sectors. In addition to hosting regional Think Tanks, workshops and boardroom discussions, global forums since March 2020 have convened more than 300 AI leaders and experts in discussions carefully followed by an audience of over 24000.

Speakers on stage at the Virtual AI Conference, December 14, 2021


▪    Kai-Fu Lee, AI Expert, CEO, Sinovation Ventures | Former President of Google China | Author of ‘AI Superpowers’
▪    Ben-Israel Isaac, Chairman, Israel Space Agency | Member Of The Board Of Advisors, Cyber 2.0 | Head of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Centre, Tel-Aviv University
▪    Dee Schwab, Private Equity Professional & Investor
▪    John Balen, General Partner, Canaan Partners
▪    Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI & ML and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
▪    Okeuze Bell, Founder of Fidutam | Harvard-MIT Researcher
▪    Martina Fuchs, Business Correspondent, Xinhua News Agency
▪    Bret Greenstein Partner, Cloud & Digital – Analytics Insights, PwC | AI, Data, and Digital Transformation Expert
▪    Frida Polli, Technology Expert, The Washington Post | CEO & Founder, pymetrics | Global Innovator, World Economic Forum
▪    Molly Tschang, Founder & CEO, Abella Consulting | Say It Skillfully® Radio Show Host on VoiceAmerica
▪    Cyrill Wiget, Digital Transformation Expert in AI & ML. Independent Consultant Financial Services
▪    John Balen, General Partner, Canaan Partners
▪    Lying Iris Wang, Operations Executive, Bizzabo
▪    Mari Emilia Haapala, Digital Lead, Motion, ABB
▪    Nils Müller, CEO & Founder, TRENDONE
▪    Pascal Bornet, Chief Data Officer, Aera Technology, Top Voice in Tech with 400K+ Followers
▪    Pierre-Philippe Mathieu Head of the Φ-lab Explore Office, European Space Agency
▪    Robin Mata, Business Technology Leader – Intelligent Automation & Finance, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
▪    Thomas Davin, Global Innovation Director, UNICEF
▪    Thomas Helfrich, CEO & Founder,, SwissCognitive AI Nerd | LinkedIn Influencer
▪    Tim Williams, CEO, Onalytica

Full list of speakers, event details and registration: