DigiShares Releases Industry Report on Security Token Regulation in the EU

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DigiShares, a leading provider of tokenization solutions, has released a detailed report outlining the current state of security token regulation in the European Union. The report provides in-depth definitions and analysis of security token classification, as well as regulation of various forms of trading facilities.


The report presented by DigiShares provides an overview of relevant legislation on the EU level, including current regulations and planned future regulations, and how this could potentially influence the security token and tokenization industries.


The report has specific focus on the trading of tokenized securities within the European Union and how this can be facilitated with different types of licenses within the regulatory regime, including bulletin boards, Over-the-Counter (OTC) marketplaces, MTFs (Multi-Lateral Trading Facilities), and DEX’es (Decentralized Exchanges).


Tokenized securities should be regarded as “just” digitized representations of normal securities. And as such, the EU should not invent parallel legislation to handle tokenized securities, but rather make minor modifications and extensions to existing legislation in order to facilitate increased digitization, automation, and decentralization, as introduced by the increasing innovation in the blockchain, crypto and DeFi ecosystems.


The industry report can be obtained by request on the DigiShares homepage: https://www.digishares.io


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