BFI Capital Group AG Announces the Rebranding and Name Change of Its Precious Metals Subsidiary Company, Global Gold AG, to BFI Bullion AG

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By unveiling a new name and new logo for its precious metals company, BFI Bullion sets out to align itself in name with the rest of the BFI Capital Group companies….

BFI Capital Group AG, a Swiss privately owned and independent firm with nearly 30 years in the business of offering an array of wealth management services, announced that its precious metals subsidiary, Global Gold AG, has rebranded to BFI Bullion AG. At the heart of the rebranding is a change of company name and an update of their logo.


Global Gold AG, a Swiss company with more than a decade of experience in trading and storing physically allocated bullion gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for its clients, primarily in Switzerland, has taken these steps as a way to present the firm’s affiliation more clearly with the group and its comprehensive wealth management offering.


BFI Bullion has 700 private and institutional clients storing metals with them in Switzerland, as well as other storage locations around the world. With over $320M in metals in storage, they contribute to the nearly $1B of assets under the care and management of BFI Capital Group, which also includes BFI Consulting and BFI Infinity.


BFI Capital Group’s Chairman and Founder, Frank R. Suess, said in an interview regarding the change: “As we enter a new era, a comprehensive and coordinated package of wealth management services will be increasingly critical. That is precisely what BFI offers as a group. We want to make sure our precious metals clients don’t miss out on the full range of these services.”


With the rebranding, BFI Bullion is looking forward to service enhancements including a new website, a refurbished client login portal, online onboarding functionality, and improving the client’s capability and ease of transacting both online and offline. BFI Bullion will also take advantage of the technology services of the group’s newest ventures, aXedras AG, employing state-of-the-art DLT-based software to improve the integrity and provenance documentation of precious metals available for investors.


What will not change with the change of name is that BFI Bullion remains the same company, the same team, with the same DNA. The company’s values, commitment, and mission continue unabated. They will retain their focus on providing a solid crisis-hedge solution and total commitment to physically allocated precious metals ownership and storage of their client’s metals outside of the banking system.


The BFI Capital Group is a privately owned, independent Swiss company that has been dedicated to service international investors since 1993.BFI provides a comprehensive array of wealth management services that address the critical needs for wealth protection, investment growth, and access to the best possible solutions available internationally. BFI’ stands for ‘Balance, Freedom & Independence’, which address their exact approach to business.