New Inspirational Fiction Transports Readers to A Time to Heal

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A Time to Heal (2011) is an inspirational novel set in Historical Africa of the early 60’s.

The story borders on the tale of two young lovers, Tori and Chidi, bond by the covenant of marriage but separated by the realities of ethnic differences. A Time to Heal is a bold story written by Seye Oke that sets out to show the healing power of forgiveness and love. Embracing the multi-cultural nature of the African society to appreciate its diversity and re-evaluate its glitches, A Time to Heal casts a flood light on the debris that weakens the development of our societies starting with the smallest and most significant unit, the family.

This creative work takes readers through a journey of uncertainties and excitement as it narrows in on the triumphs and failure experienced by Toriola and Chidi in the face of a civil war. In A Time to Heal, Chidi finds the very essence of his existence tested when he is called on to fulfill a family obligation that exists beyond his nuclear family. He finds himself on a journey of self-discovery as his close companions, Dozie, Azuka and Jude, lure him to fight for a course he has no faith in. Chidi’s decision excludes Tori from his plans and ultimately from his life. In search for consolation, companionship and support, Tori rekindles her soured relationship with her parents, and clutches to the warmth offered by a stranger.

The individual paths chosen by this young couple widens as time pass by, as each struggle to understand and uphold their new found ‘self’. Chidi gives in to the clarion call of his kindred to join in the fight for their recognition and respect against superior forces, leaving Tori to re-discover the true meaning of family, loyalty and love. Consumed by the heart ache of loneliness, Tori question every value she had ever upheld as she finds herself torn between loving another and waiting for the one that betrayed her love. A Time to Heal tells a compelling truth simplified to inspire the average reader in an enchanting yet revolutionary way.

Seye Oke is an inspirational writer and published author of Love’s Lie and Debbie’s Diary. Her creative works are usually based on biblical principles told in a contemporary African style. Seye lives in Nigeria with her husband and son and enjoys quiet moments with family and friends. Follow her on twitter @seyeoke or or

A Time to Heal is published by Westbow Press (USA). To order the book in Soft back, Hard back or eBook format, email or call +1-866-928-1240 ext 5098. Also available on Amazon and other online retailers and major bookstores.