Armada Cryptocurrency/ Introducing depreciating fees – TIME IS MONEY

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Armada – Debuting Liquid Fees and a truly innovative launchpad!



Armada is debuting ‘LIQUID FEES’ – A brand new BSC function, that has never been used on the Binance Smart Chain. In essence, the longer you hold ARMD, the less slippage you will incur. Armada’s sell slippage will start at 30% and depreciate 1%, in fees, daily until it reaches 0% on day 30 which means holders will be able to sell without a fee. Each holder will have their own unique buy and sell slippage. All of which will be tracked by the Armada contract. If a holder decides to buy more Armada tokens during the depreciation stage, the sell slippage will readjust accordingly depending how much that holder buys, fitting elegantly with our slogan ‘Time is money’. 


Armada will soon be a competitive Launchpad for other Binance Smart Chain Tokens, with an audit and screening process to ensure any token launched on ArmadaBay is safe for all investors. Armada will also utilise a staking platform alongside the Launchpad. Armada’s Launchpad/ICO platform will be a competitor to the likes of DXsale and Unicrypt with features that will truly innovate. 


All Armada holders will be able to view their buy and sell slippage in real time within the ArmadaPort App alongside live charts of the price of Armada, liquidity, market cap, holders and circulating supply. Brand new features are continuously be added, with innovative features being tested continuously.


The first of many – The ArmadaPort App


Each Armada holder will be able to download the app on IOS and Google. Armada holders will be able to connect their wallet to the app which will allow them to view their holdings and slippage live, always. The app will continuously be updated with new features.


Extra functions within the Armada Contract:


Redistribution – A percentage of all sells will be distributed to all Armada holders automatically just for holding, truly deflationary.


Buy Back (War Chest) – A percentage of all sells will be sent to the buy back wallet (War Chest). Tokens will be converted in small quantities to BNB and stored within the contract. The Buy Back (War Chest) will be utilised when the Armada price is declining, it ensures the price of Armada stays stable. Armada’s Buy Back function has been upgraded and will not be vulnerable to attacks as we employ both automatic and manual buy backs.


A platform will also be released to be used by the Armada Fleet first then distributed to support other tokens, Armada reach will help gain real members within the community whilst completing tasks and those completing them will be paid, a competitive boost within the marketing industry of Crypto. Various marketers could be paying 1000s of dollars for rather inexpensive marketing, ArmadaReach aims to keep costs to a minimum whilst maintaining a professional standard.


Armada truly aims to be a home for all crypto BSC based tokens offering unique but innovative features for all whilst continually upgrading its platforms and likewise. Armada, a home for all $ARMD.












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