Kickstarter campaign announced for “Journey of Life™”, educational animated series for the healthy emotional development of the child

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Art State Productions, Inc. announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Journey of Life™, an educational animated series approaching education through entertainment for the healthy emotional development of the child.

Humans develop their core emotional personality in the first few years of life. Every story and every little visual content we are exposing our children to, has an incredibly powerful impact over what they will become as adults.” says Simona Sandu, Art Director at Art State Productions, Inc. “This project is a pledge for making the world a better place through the ultimate tool humanity has used to evolve: Education.


Our society is witnessing a spectacular explosion of visual content in online entertainment and along with it, there comes the need of every consumer to individually filter the beautiful and healthy from the beautiful and not so healthy content.” says Adrian Baragan, CEO at Art State Productions, Inc. 


In this context, Journey of Life™ has one clear mission: educating while entertaining through empowering stories that promote key moral values such as kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, loving and respecting one another not ‘even if’, but ‘especially’ when we don’t agree or when we don’t think alike or look alike, admiring beauty in the diversity of the human cultures, races, genders, religion, beliefs, opinions. This will not only enable our kids to build a strong and healthy personality that will empower them to achieve their goals, but also will make the world a better place. It takes one act of kindness to make the world a better place, just as it takes one Kickstarter pledge to bring these stories closer to children.


The campaign scheduled for launch on April 1st, running for 60 days, is only a first step in the development of the animated series. Reaching the funding goal of $2M secures the production budget for the first episode.


About: Art State Productions, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Adrian Baragan, visual storyteller enthusiast, after 26 years of experience in computer graphics, out of infinite passion for neuroscience and human psychology on one hand and visual art and philosophy on the other hand. With its corporate headquarters in the heart of New York City, the company has served clients in a variety of industries globally.


The dedication for seeing the beauty in everything and allowing it to tell its story has fueled the inspiration and desire for growth of every artist joining our team. The power of a metaphor, in the hands of our visual communication experts is what creates the real feelings that best define our product in two words: visual poetry.


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