CloudFactory Launches Turnkey Data Annotation Solution for Computer Vision

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CloudFactory, a global leader in managed workforce solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the launch of a new computer vision offering, Data Annotation Solution, that bundles their professionally managed workforce with a market-leading data annotation platform.


New Offering Bundles Professionally Managed Workforce with Market-Leading Data Annotation Platform


Around the world, a growing number of organizations are using AI to innovate products and transform even the most traditional industries, from agriculture and transportation to healthcare and retail. Computer vision models require massive amounts of data. Building and maintaining those models in production requires people to accurately annotate that data, perform quality control (QC), and monitor automation. It also requires specialized image annotation tools.


CloudFactory’s Data Annotation Solution reduces the complexity of that process, giving computer vision innovators a faster path to high-quality data labeling. The solution pairs a professionally managed workforce with a best-in-class annotation platform for a single, inclusive monthly price.


The offering is aimed at organizations that want a single partner to manage image and video annotations so they can apply their talents and expertise to higher-value work. With this solution, CloudFactory becomes a single partner to help organizations achieve their goals.


“As more organizations use machine learning to innovate their products and services, they need a reliable workforce for tasks that require a human in the loop,” said CloudFactory’s VP of Products Damian Rochman. “This offering will bring our high-quality data annotation to a broader set of the market, making it easier for AI teams to get the image annotation they need for their computer vision models, from proof of concept through production.


With over a decade of experience providing managed teams for machine learning and business process optimization, CloudFactory combines people, process, and technology to deliver high-quality data processing using proprietary tools and those available through CloudFactory’s partnerships.


For their Data Annotation Solution, CloudFactory pre-trains data analysts on the annotation platform included with the offering and on each client’s task and accuracy requirements. This bundled solution accelerates clients’ time to value with a single solution that:


  • Scales fast with CloudFactory’s trained, experienced, and managed team of data analysts.
  • Removes the expense and hassle of directly managing an annotation workforce and a complicated tech stack.
  • Streamlines purchasing by integrating a data annotation platform and workforce into a single, monthly subscription solution that can quickly scale with each client’s needs.

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