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A contactless, mobile health waiver, created by Boston startup Tapple, is being used by thousands of employees and customers to self-certify their health each day without the use of apps.

As the country phases in work across industries, the CDC and state regulatory bodies have issued guidelines mandating employers conduct daily health screenings to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Business owners are faced with the burden of implementing methods to comply with reporting requirements and potential contract tracing requests

Tapple’s Touchless Health Screen was developed as a low-cost solution to support businesses as they look to reopen quickly and safely. This in-demand solution includes:

  • Self-certification through contactless, smartphone QR scanning
  • ID verification for contact tracing
  • Customizable attestation forms 
  • Quick data capture and storage
  • Compliance with recommended guidelines
  • Easy access – no app required

While many industries are required to provide daily screening reports to state and local officials, other businesses are looking to offload potential liability and protect their staff.

Tapple has been implemented by some of New England’s most prestigious real estate and construction groups, such as Columbia ConstructionBerkeley Building Company and Griffith Properties

“Tapple has been critical in helping us comply with state mandates, saving us untold hours of work, and helping our tenants feel safe.” – Marci Loeber, Managing Principal of Griffith Properties.

Salons, retailers, hotels and advertising agencies are also using Tapple as part of their COVID-19 solution.

“Because the COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating to businesses, small and large, we have adapted our product offering to meet these challenges and are committed to helping businesses keep their guests safe and comfortable while restarting our economic engine.” James Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Tapple.

Tapple is a mobile technology platform that allows marketers to collect first-party data at live and virtual events without the use of apps. The platform leverages QR, NFC and Geolocation to deliver contextually-relevant experiences that drive engagement and conversions. Tapple was named a “50 on Fire” winner by BostInno in 2019 and was recently featured by Martech Today for its positioning shift during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about our product and the team at