Cleaning company sees spike in bookings due to Coronavirus outbreak

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Cleaning company sees spike in bookings due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Cleaning company sees spike in bookings due to Coronavirus outbreak

– Fantastic Services, provider of domestic cleaning and maintenance services, reports increased demand due to Coronavirus panic.
– Company founder says they have been anticipating the crisis.
– Management of the company says services will remain available to the public.
– Active technicians have not travelled outside of the UK in the past 2 months.
– The company will be launching a new Antivirus Sanitation service.

Fantastic Services, a provider of domestic services, has reported an increase in demand for professional cleaning and sanitation due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Company founder Rune Sovndahl says they have been preparing for this for the last couple of months, expecting the outbreak to eventually reach Europe and the UK.

“Ever since the first reports from China came in, I realised we could soon be dealing with this crisis over here. We offer cleaning services, after all. We know a thing or two about sanitation.” says Sovndahl.

As the first cases of Coronavirus in the UK have been reported and the authorities have begun to raise awareness, the panic and discord have only grown.

But while travel companies are cancelling their flights and tech-giants such as Facebook are telling their London staff to work from home, Fantastic Services remains very much busy.

All Fantastic Services professionals who will remain active have not travelled outside of the UK in the past 2 months.

In addition, all staff will strictly follow practices and procedures on a daily basis to ensure their own safety.

“Our specialists have looked into what cleaning agents are suitable for such viral conditions. I think we are ready to do the best we can in case somebody needs a little help.” – Sovndahl

Fantastic Services has stated that they will be launching an Antivirus Sanitation service that will be available from March 16. The technicians will be using a certified non-toxic antiviral detergent to sanitise washable surfaces.

The World Health Organization has stated that preventative measures such as personal hygiene, sanitation, and avoidance of risk factors can minimize the spread of the virus.

“I think it is important to stay calm and brave for each other in times like this. As far as I know, people with already shaken health are the most vulnerable. And fear and stress can further comprise a person’s resistance to sickness.” – Sovndahl

Rune Sovndahl (

Rune Sovndahl, 44, co-founder of Fantastic Services – an international brand with 10+ years of experience that combines technological innovations with bespoke customer care to deliver services for the home, office and garden. He has built his business from scratch to a point where it serves over 50,000 customers per month in the UK, the USA and Australia. 

Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services is one of the leading services providers in London, the North West and the South East. With 25+ services in their portfolio, they are easily the “one-stop shop” for all home, garden, and office needs. The company is easily among the largest home services providers in London, yet it has been self-financed since the outset. As well as in the UK, Fantastic Services is already established as a leader in Australia and the USA. Currently, 530+ franchisees and over 2,000 Fantastic professionals operate globally under the brand name.