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Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE), the integrative expedition leader in Antarctica for three decades adds to its collection with the Three Glaciers Retreat. The secluded scenic location features expansive views into virtually untouched wilderness with some of the world’s highest trained guides and guest service staff. The retreat is comprised of 8 elegant and comfortably appointed guest tents with exclusive bookings for groups of up to 16. Set up to cater to discerning adventurers it can accommodate bespoke requests and private jet flights at its Union Glacier blue ice runway.

The VIP perks and experiences ALE guests have come to know are increasing with guided retreat experiences & high-end retreat dining…

Nestled at the base of the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica’s deep interior, Three Glaciers will offer guests a highly customized itinerary, personalized menu’s, unrivaled outdoor excursions and support of individualized journey’s, set against a striking landscape often described as magical. This adds an even more bespoke approach for Three Glaciers guests that rival the world’s most upscale hotels, pairing well-being with adventure. This is the place to be for skiing, hiking, and mountaineering all of which are gaining popularity among adventure seekers, according to Allied Market Research.

The retreat embraces the surrounding natural beauty and creates more guest connectivity through the outdoors. Each season the retreat tents are meticulously arranged in a 180 arc mimicking a sundial so guests can enjoy unobstructed views from the serene outlook of the dining tent. This attention to detail, creates a deep sense of place in one of the most pristine locations on the planet. A one of a kind retreat build each season for three months and then disassembled, returning the landscape to its original aesthetic.

ALE and Three Glaciers has included environmentally efficient equipment at the Three Glaciers Retreat as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The environmental focus carries through to its brand voice and guest education including its spotlight on transparency. ALE’s dedication to Antarctic conservation includes a mission to reduce fuel output, and a leave no trace mentality. The 30 year old adventure brand is also a founding member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) whose focus is to advocate safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel.

How ALE Provides for the Environment:

  • Fuel efficient snow melter
  • Primarily solar powered facilities
  • High efficiency Toyostoves
  • Limits flights
  • Cuts down on snow grooming
  • Uses fat tire bikes in camp in place of snowmobiles

What Guests Can Expect at Three Glaciers:

  • Luxury bedding in comfortable suites
  • Exceptional and creative cuisine
  • Upscale amenities
  • Champagne toast & celebratory dinner
  • High end guest services
  • Personalized tours
  • Experienced guides and staff
  • Unparalleled location

Find a sneak peek of what’s to come at Three Glaciers Retreat by connecting with ALE at or call 801-266-4876. Reservations are being taken for 2020-2021 and beyond. Bookings are limited. Follow ALE’s stories and updates in social media along with their field updates on their website.